Water and Lights in One Thru the Wings Of Time

During our first visit in Singapore, we bought a ticket for the same show however we weren’t able to watch it since we need to catch a train back to Malaysia. So this time, I never missed our chance to watch the Wings of Time show in Siloso Beach at Sentosa Island.

img_3349We bought our vouchers via Klook which is cheaper and more convenient than buying it at the location. You just need to look for one the machines that will convert your voucher to a ticket. The machine that we used within the Sentosa Express Station. You need to scan the QR code on the machine and it will automatically print your tickets.

You need to arrived earlier than the show time since there will be a lot of people watching the show and you might not have a good spot. It will also save you from waiting in long lines.

The show has two time slots, you can choose between 7:40PM or 8:40PM, for us we choose the later time. The show will last for about 40-45 minutes.

Wings of Time is the first permanent night show in the open sea. It is a combination of 3D projection, laser lights, robotic water fountains and pyrotechnics. The story is about the mythical bird creature who has the ability to travel through time using his wings. He travel through time with his two human friends, they travel shows a breathtaking views and landscapes. Those images are projected by the water, projector and laser lights. The finale which is an astounding fireworks really captured our hearts.

We had a great time watching this show and really a good thing to cap off our day. This is a must see show in Sentosa.

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