Travel from Legoland to Singapore

We have crossed borders of Malaysia and Singapore a couple of times already and we already used almost all means of public transportation such as sleeper train, bus, plane and ferry. This time, its our first time to travel from Legoland to Singapore.


Before our trip we researched about all the possible ways to travel from Legoland to Singapore, and it turned out the cheapest way is using a causewaylink bus service, they have buses from Legoland (Mall of Medini) to Singapore ( different drop off). However, they only run the bus service at 5pm on weekdays and every hour on weekends and holidays. At first, we didn’t know that November 5 is a holiday in Malaysia and Singapore, so we look for other options to go to Singapore since we need to travel at 12noon. The other option that we saw is to go to Larkin station and take the bus to Singapore from there.

When we arrived at Legoland at Mall of Medini area, I saw a mini kiosk of Causewaylink, so I asked them if they have a bus service for Nov5 which is tomorrow going to Singapore, and luckily he said yes they do have and since its a holiday the service is every hour.


We caught the 12:00 noon bus. We went to Mall of Medini entrance/bus stop about 15mins earlier to make sure that we have enough seats since we have a lot of baggages.

The bus looks like the MotoGP buses that runs in KL the only difference is the color. They do not have compartments under the bus to put your luggages so its quite a hassle. Upon embarking you need to pay for the fare which is only 10RM for adults and 5RM for kids. You need to keep your tickets because you need to show it upon embarking after Immigration processes.

The travel time from Legoland to Malaysia’s immigration is just about 15mins or less. When we arrive at the Immigration, we need to disembark and carry all the luggages. Then we need to line up to get our passports stamp for leaving Malaysia. After that we need to ride the bus, it won’t be the bus that we rode before but its still causewaylink and looks the same. Then we travel to Singapore Immigration, again we need to disembark carry all the luggages and follow the Immigration process. It took longer than we expected since we forgot that we need to fill out a disembarkation form to enter Singapore, so we need to lineup twice πŸ™‚

After immigration, we need to look for the bus. We saw signage where to wait for the Causewaylink link bus, there are two options of drop off the first one is Jurong East and the other one is Boon Lay. We choose Jurong East since the drop off area is at MRT station which is just across our hotel – Genting Jurong Hotel.


The bus service of Causewaylink is very affordable and efficient. It might be a little hassle to carry in and out all the luggages but it is all the same with other transportation since we really need to clear the Immigration with our luggages. What I can suggest is to travel light and bring luggages that is durable.

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