Tourist Spots in Hong Kong for Free!

img_8466.jpgThey say Hong Kong is an expensive destination since you need to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland plus the hotels are pricey too. But little did you know that there are a lot of attractions that you can visit without shedding your precious HKD allowance. Thanks to my cousin – Ate Mailyne who is living with her family in HK for years now she got to tour us around great parks and garden that is only walking distance from her place.

IMG_8423Whenever I visit Hong Kong, I make sure to meet my cousin here. This year I am travelling with my friends so we have a very short time to catch up with each other.

img_8426.jpgAfter meeting her at Temple Mall near Wong Tai Sin station we went to a nearby park called Fung Tak Park. You can enter this park for free. There are Instagramable spots here, my favorite is the Falls.IMG_8415

After taking few pictures here we went to Nan Lian Garden, it is one of the tourist spots here in Hong Kong that is also absolutely free.

Upon arriving at Nan Lian Garden, we saw a lot of Chinese tourist with their tour guides prepping up to enter the garden.

How to Get There:

img_8471.jpegNan Lian Garden is located at Diamond Hill. From any point MTR stations you need to find a connecting line to MTR Kwun Tong Line, from there you need to alight at Diamond Hill station and take the exit C2. From there you can find sinages leading to the Garden.

For us we only walked from Wong Tai Sin station we took the Fung Tak Road and pass thru Holywood Plaza Mall before finally arriving at Nan Lian Garden.

What to Expect:

Nan Lian garden is very serene place. It is a classic Chinese garden. It is located in the heart of the city but when you enter the garden you will forget that you are in the city.

It has different elements inside the garden including water, hills, rocks, trees and wooden structure.

My favorite part of the garden is the Golden Pavilion or also called Pavilion of Absolute Perfection and the Xi Wu Bridge.

Rules and Regulations inside the Garden:

As tourists we should be very careful in obeying the rules of the country and places we visit to avoid any hiccups during our travel.

Inside Nan Lian Garden you cannot drink or eat. They are very strict with this policy. This is to keep the garden clean and pollution free.

There are some part of the garden that you cannot enter or you cannot climb for photos so make sure to check first before touching or climbing.

The garden is one of a kind and will definitely relieves your stress, relaxes your mind and will give you time to reconnect with nature.

Next time you visit Hong Kong make sure to drop by at this place.

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