A Relaxing Treat for our Hard work – New Lasema Spa


As an employee working for a US company we do not follow most of the holidays in Philippines, so the few US holidays are really one of the most awaited part of the year. Although it is just a one day holiday – September 3, 2018 which is a Monday, most of the people will say that it’s a long weekend and we can go for a getaway near the Metro, but for parents like us who needs to spend the weekend making sure that the kitchen supplies are intact for the week we cannot just go on a trip. Instead, we planned to relax and spend this time in a great place just within the Metro.

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What we eat in New York City?


As Pinoy, we always crave for rice meals since that is the usual food that we have in Philippines. When we first arrive in New York City we are already starving so after checking in at the hotel we immediately look for food and found McDonalds just across the street. We were excited… continue here

Business and Pleasure in one at Empire State Building

IMG_2270One of the main reason of our visit in New York is attending a training in LinkedIn, we are excited to learn and be more effective in our work but what is more amazing in this training is that LinkedIn office is located at The Empire State Building and that means we… Continue here

An Unforgettable Getaway – USA

IMG_5565My friend and I had our business trip in the US last July – August 2017. We stayed there for 23 days and had a chance to explore the most coveted part of US – New York City where our main office is located. Aside from that we also visited the Niagara Falls, Long Island, NY and the capital of US – Washington, DC.

We traveled via Cathay Pacific flight, for 17 hours, it was a raining during that time so we had a lot of turbulence during the flight. The in-flight service was great, they serve food on time, and you can request snack and beverage anytime. You can also watch movies when you are not sleeping.

We landed at JFK International airport and welcomed by one of our Account Managers – Charly and her husband. They drove us to our hotel in the city – The Wyndham New Yorker hotel which is a block away to our office.

On our first day – business as usual we reported to our office and meet everyone. Our bosses are very kind and they even prepared breakfast for us – New York Bagels. We attended several meetings and planned out how to mix pleasure of touring around while doing business.

We were allowed by our bosses to go to Niagara Falls on our first weekend. Click here to see our adventure.


Tulab Invades the Heart of Asia – Taiwan!

IMG_0261Taiwan is one of the best countries in Asia and one of our dream destination which is known for its rich cultural heritage – temples, parks etc., Night Markets – Food Trip hub and the Land of Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese Novela that captured the hearts of the Pinoys back in 2001.

We were ecstatic when Taiwan Tourism announced that the country will be Visa Free from November 2017 – July 2018, we hurriedly look for promo fares from Cebu Pacific for the whole family. Luckily, we were able to get a good deal for our travel on May 19 – May 24, 2018 – summer time in Taiwan.

Days passed by and here comes our most awaited day – May 19! Our flight is scheduled at 10:45PM but unfortunately it was delayed for 1.5 hours. The travel time from Manila to Taiwan is almost 2 hours. We landed at Taoyuan International airport, it seems like the airport is not as busy as NAIA3, most of the stores were close.

We purchased our Taipei Fun Pass thru Klook  for the unlimited rides to the Metro Train (MRT), City Buses and New Taipei Buses plus pass for the 12 attractions in Taipei including the iconic Taipei 101. We also rented a pocket wifi thru Klook which should be claimed in the airport T1 in Unite Traveler Kiosk. In the website the kiosk is open from 5:30am up to 1:00am but due to delays we arrived in the airport at pass 2am, we thought the kiosk is already closed but when we checked it is still open and we were able to claim our passes and wifi. We tried to book a grab car from the aiport to our hotel but to our surprise there is no Grab in Taiwan, but they still have Uber. We book our Uber ride which cost us 950NTD from Airport to our hotel which is near Taipei Main Station.

So here’s how we invade Taiwan: