Finding our Soul in Seoul

IMG_4238Like every other Pinays I am also one of KDrama fanatic. I’ve been watching KDramas since the time of Endless Love and Jewel in the Palace up to this day, I am still hook in watching KDramas.

IMG_4180South Korea is part of my bucket list for the longest time, not just because I love KDramas but also I love the views I am seeing in KDrama, the parks, the malls and the foods are very inviting. So last December 2018, I finally ticked South Korea in my bucket list, I spent this vacation with my family (husband and two kids) and this is also our first Winter Vacation. So I am excited to share to everyone how we prepared for the trip specially that Philippines doesn’t have a Winter season and our first family Visa application πŸ™‚

IMG_4365I wanted to share the places we visited in our 6 nights 7 day DIY tour in South Korea and How we battle against the -19 Degrees Celsius Temperature…Β So watch out as I unveil our first Winter Vacation travel blog soon…

Applying for Family Korean Visa

What To Prepare for your First Winter Vacation Part 1

What To Prepare for your First Winter Vacation Part 2


Tulab Invades KL, JB and SG 2018

β€œThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine


One of the best travel quote that I ever read and I believe in, that is the reason why my family and I always go out and travel when we can. This is year is a special travel for us since we are with the Tulab family (my in laws – Nanay, Tatay, Kuya Rhon, Kitkat, Kathleen, Euness and Ylay), this is the first time that we traveled out of country together, all 1 of us. There are a lot of ups and downs since everyone has their differences but in the end the fun, happiness and enjoyment made us one great family who sees the beauty of the each country together.


In this travel, we visited our favorite destination Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the men to watch MotoGP 2018, Johor Bharu, Malaysia to visit LEGOLAND Park, Waterpark and LEGOLAND Hotel and lastly Singapore to visit my friend and her family and of course roam around Sentosa Island.

Here is the summary of our itinerary:

Arrival in KL – KLIA2
Travel to KL from KLIA2
Tamu Hotel and Suites

Travel to Sepang with the whole family
Visited Selfie Museum in Bukit Bintang
Dinner at Jalan Alor

Day 3:
Men – Travel to Sepang (stay tune…)
Kids and Women
1. Travel to Batu Caves
2. Visited Kidzania KL
3. Sunday Mass at Petaling Jaya

Day 4:
Travel to LEGOLAND, Johor Bharu
Check in at LEGOLAND Hotel
Experience LEGOLAND Waterpark
Dinner at Mall of Medini

Day 5:
Legoland to Singapore via Bus
Check In at Genting Jurong Hotel
Lunch at Sticky Wings Westgate
Travel to Sentosa via Genting Jurong Hotel Shuttle
Dinner at Good Old Days
Watch Wings of Time

Day 6:
Breakfast at Kopi Tiam – Westgate (stay tune…)
Checkout and Travel to Sentosa
Universal Studios
Travel to Changi Airport (stay tune…)

Our Favorite Destination – Malaysia

One of our family’s favorite destination is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We first visited KL in 2013 and we keep on coming back every year since then. Many people asked me why do we visit Malaysia every year, its simple my husband is a fan of MotoGP, its a motor race that is being held in Sepang international Circuit which is just an hour away from KL, but aside from that, we also love Malaysia because the transportation is very easy and affordable, foods are delectable and also cheap.

Β 12183737_10206188383887055_6838926289010439258_o

In this blog you will learn our typical itinerary which includes our trip to Tourist spots in KL aside from attending the MotoGP event.

Batu Caves:

Sheep Head Towel 101!


As a KDrama fan, I have seen a lot of scenes on the series that I watched wherein they are in the public bath or Korean Spa and they have this cute towel on their head that looks like Princes Leia’s bun. I did some research and this towel bun is actually called “sheep head towel” maybe because it resembles the sheep horn.

When we went to New Lasema Spa, I saw some guests who are also wearing the same kind of towel, so I decided to learn how to do it for myself. Now I am sharing it to you so when you go to Korean Spa you can easily make one for you.

Step 1: Fold the towel provided by the Spa, in to three (crosswise).


Step 2: Roll the sides outwards until you reach your preferred length.



Step 3. Open and put it to your head.



As easy as 1…2…3


A Relaxing Treat for our Hard work – New Lasema Spa


As an employee working for a US company we do not follow most of the holidays in Philippines, so the few US holidays are really one of the most awaited part of the year. Although it is just a one day holiday – September 3, 2018 which is a Monday, most of the people will say that it’s a long weekend and we can go for a getaway near the Metro, but for parents like us who needs to spend the weekend making sure that the kitchen supplies are intact for the week we cannot just go on a trip. Instead, we planned to relax and spend this time in a great place just within the Metro.

Continue here…

What we eat in New York City?


As Pinoy, we always crave for rice meals since that is the usual food that we have in Philippines. When we first arrive in New York City we are already starving so after checking in at the hotel we immediately look for food and found McDonalds just across the street. We were excited… continue here

Business and Pleasure in one at Empire State Building

IMG_2270One of the main reason of our visit in New York is attending a training in LinkedIn, we are excited to learn and be more effective in our work but what is more amazing in this training is that LinkedIn office is located at The Empire State Building and that means we… Continue here