More Selfie… More Fun at Selfie Museum KL

IMG_2810Everyone loves taking selfie and groupie so this museum that we visited in Kuala Lumpur truly satisfies that love of taking photos. In fact when we finished roaming around the museum we are so tired of taking photos already.

Selfie Museum is the first of its kind dedicated for the art of Selfie. It opened last August 2018. It has 9 different rooms with different themes related to desserts. Aside from taking selfies you can also get free desserts from each room.


Selfie Museum is located at Level 2 of Farenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL Malaysia. The operating hours is between 10 AM to 10 PM Monday to Sunday. The ticket price is 45 RM for adult and 30 RM for kids since we book online there is a five ringgit discount for each of us, so for adults we only paid 40 RM and for kids it’s 25 RM.

Even though its our 4th Time in Malaysia we have not experienced visiting Bukit Bintang area, and I am surprised that there is a traffic jam in this location, according to my sister-in-law this place is the shopping district in Kuala Lumpur.

We booked our visit in Selfie Museum thru their website where in you can choose the timing of your visit. Since we plan to go to Sepang in the morning we choose the 2:30PM spot for our Selfie Museum adventure. But due to traffic jam we arrived late. There is a big sign at the lobby that they will not entertain late comers but we still tried. I asked the staffs if we can still come in because we did not anticipate the traffic and we are only in Kuala Lumpur for 2 days. Luckily, they are very kind and asked us to wait for a bit to see if there are still slots on the next schedules. Good news is that we can still enter the Museum Bad news is we have to split into 2 groups. So my 2 sons and I entered the Museum first at 3:30PM schedule while Euness, Ylay, Kitkat and Kathleen got the 3:45PM spot.

Inside the Museum, you can only stay for 10 minutes in each room, since there are 9 rooms you can only stay inside the museum for 90mins.


The first room you will encounter is the Giant Cakes which is designed and sponsored by Pandora. There are big cup cakes, cake pops and cakes in this room. After taking your selfies and groupies you can claim your free cup cake.

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The second room is Everything’s Sweet. Our favourite spot here is the bathtub ball pit and vintage payphone. There are also a lot of candies everywhere and pastel color background.

The third room is called Fluffy Path, as it implies the room is filled with Fluffy Marshmallow cloud like theme. We got to enjoy our free marshmallow as well.

The fourth room is another favourite of the family… the Ice Cream world co sponsored by Baskin Robins. There are giant Ice Cream in this room, spilled ice cream cone and hot air balloon. You can also enjoy your free baskin robins ice cream after taking your photos.

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Next is The Duckies Cafe, you can see a large ice cream sandwich swing perfect for Selfie and a kitchen like spot. There is also a giant Teh Ais in here.

The next room is very colorful since it is the Rainbow Room where you can find the giant and fat unicorn. There is also a giant Durian at the see saw.

Samsung Galaxy sponsored zones for interactive experience, the yellow ball pit room with bananas and a dessert background where you can write your names projected on the wall these are all in the Super Happiness room.

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The eight room is called Splash Lab sponsored by Tealive and IlaoIlao. You will find a giant Tealive Milktea and giant tub of yougurt. We also get a free tealive in this room.

Last room is called Do Nut Stop. There are giants donuts and small donuts as well. You can ride the giant donut while taking a video that will be uploaded on their website which is called Nonstop experience.

We got a free Lingham’s Chili Sauce and popcorn seasoned with Lingham’s Chili Sauce.


The experience is tiring yet very fun. We had a great time and our sweet tooth is also satisfied.


What are you waiting for, visit Selfie Museum now!

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