Malaysia in Rizal

Malaysia is very close to our family’s heart because this is the first country destination that we ever visited back in 2013, this is also the most visited country of our family. We loved the culture, tourist spots, transportation and ofcourse, the FOOD.

IMG_1542This year we failed to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia although we are scheduled to fly last November 1, 2019 but due to our upcoming Korea trip this Winter we need to apply for our Visa that is taking more than 30 working days of processing hence we do not have any options but to cancel the Malaysia trip.

With our disappointment, we decided to visit the Malaysian Authentic food restaurant in Taytay, Rizal called Sedap. It is owned by a former band member who worked in Malaysia.

How to get there:


Via Public Transportation:

From Ortigas Avenue Extension ride a Jeepney going to Angono – Binangonan Highway it will pass through PureGold Taytay, in front is the building where you can find Sedap, it is located at the second floor.

Private Car:

You can turn on your Waze app and type in Sedap and follow the map from there.

Food and Pricing:

They served authentic Malaysian cuisine, they even buy some of the ingredients in Malaysia. Here are some of the food we tried:

img_1541.jpegNasi Goreng – Fried rice, fried chicken, sunny side up egg, served with sambal, cucumber and tomatoes. P135.00

Nasi Goreng Pattaya – Fried Rice wrap into scrambled egg, drizzle with ketchup, fried chicken, served with sambal, cucumber and tomatoes. P135.00

Goreng Kampung Babi – Fried Rice (with dilis and kangkong), fried pork, sunny side up egg, served with sambal, cucumber and tomatoes. P135.00

img_1539.jpegIkan Bakar Sambal – Fried Tilapia with Sambal. P200.00

Laksa – spicy seafood noodle soup with coconut milk. P150.00

Roti Canai – Malaysian flat bread with curry sauce. P40.00

The service and location:

The location is very easy to find, however, there is no parking available for customers you need to park to the nearby establishment in our case we parked our car in PureGold. The dining place is small, on my estimate it can only accommodate about 20-25 guest at a time including the dining area outside the store.

The service is great, everyone is very friendly and accommodating.