Legoland Waterpark

Check in at the hotel is not until 4pm so we went to the Legoland Waterpark while waiting.


You can rent out lockers at the dressing room and comfort room area.


There is a diner/restaurant inside the waterpark where we had our lunch. The food are mostly Malaysians but there are also chicken nuggets for the kids. They do not have plain rice, you can choose between coconut rice and chicken rice. The food is expensive compared to the prices outside the park.

Huge slides welcomed us. There are family slides where 4 members of the family can ride the slide together and there are also slides for 2 or for single person.

They have a wave pool in front of the restaurant.


There are also cabanas for rent but we opt not to get one since we already have a locker.

We explored the other parts of the park and we saw the kiddie pool with huge pale, it is being filled with water and then will splash the water on the people below which is really fun. There are also different slides in this kids area which are smaller than the ones outside.

To relax and just be lazy, there is a lazy river just near the kiddie pool. We spend some of our time there picking some big lego bricks while riding our huge floaters.

At the wave pool area, there are some shows within the day but we opt not to watch any since we want to spend most of the time at the slides and kiddie pool area.

Its been a great experience, and we had a wonderful family fun time at Legoland Waterpark!

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Bricky Holiday at Legoland Theme Park