Legoland Hotel … our family experience!

This is our 2nd time to stay in Legoland Hotel, our first was back in 2016. This time we are with the whole Tulab family.


From our five hour long journey from Kuala Lumpur we went directly to Legoland Hotel reception area. The lobby is different from other hotel, this one is very colorful with a lot of lego design like pirate ship and tree house. There is also an area where kids can play lego bricks while waiting for check in. There are colorful benches so you can sit while waiting for your companion to check in.

We went to the reception and ask for our room, however their standard check in is at 4:00PM and we are still early. If you want to check in early there is a minimal charge according to the reception.

IMG_3146We booked our rooms online and I am lucky that there is a promo during that time. I got our room for 2 adults and 3 kids including the 2 day ticket combo to their water park and theme park at 1750 RM which is about 22,000 pesos. It also includes breakfast for 2 adults and 3 kids, since we only have 2 kids I included my nephew in our room.

You can choose from different themes for your room, they have pirate room, ninjago rooms, kingdom room and adventure rooms.

IMG_3133You cannot check in early without paying and extra charge so what you can do is to store your luggages in the hotel storage facility which is just near the elevator. Then you can explore the theme park or water park.

The room is huge and the design is very much aligned with the theme you choose.The rooms have king size bed and a bunk bed with pull out. There is a separate TV for the parents’ area and kids’ area. There are also kids and parents slippers and bathrobe inside the room.

Inside the room you will find a treasure chest and puzzle to solve to get the secret code to open the chest.


The breakfast is from 7am to 10am at the first floor – family brick restaurant. There are a lot of choices of food from Malaysian and other Asian foods to Western foods.

There is a pool for hotel guests at the 5th floor. The elevator is also awesome since it has disco lights and it plays upbeat Legoland themed music whenever you ride on it.They have different activities for kids at night, like magic shows, comedy shows, bubble shows, story telling and movie night. During our stay we were able to watch and participate on the Comedy show which was held at 8:30 pm at the lobby area.

When checking out, you only need to drop your keycard in their designated quick check out kiosk, one is located at the luggage storage facility. You can store your luggage once again if you still want to explore the parks before leaving.


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