HZMB – The Longest Sea Crossing and Open – Sea Fixed Link on Earth

IMG_8344It is my 4th time to visit Hong Kong and 2nd time in Macau. We usually take a flight going to HK and then after a few days take a ferry to Macau for an overnight stay. This time we decided to try another route. We booked a flight to Macau which is cheaper during the Piso Sale with Cebu Pacific and from Macau we took a bus going to HK using the newly opened Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

IMG_8861HZMB is the longest Bridge and open- sea fixed Link on Earth. It was constructed in December 2009 and had its inauguration in October 23,2018 and finally opened its service on October,2019. It is about 55 km that connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. The travel time to cross this bridge is about 45 minutes.

There’s a part of the bridge that goes underwater which is about 6.7 km long. Cool!

How to get there from Macau Cotai area:

IMG_8346We stayed in Holiday Inn Sands Cotai. The hotels usually have their shuttle going to different locations within Macau and the good thing is these shuttles are free.

From our hotel they have a shuttle going to Ferry Port Terminal, you just need to wait at the main entrance, it leaves every 15 minutes. From the Ferry Terminal, you need to change to another shuttle that will take you to the Bus Station Port Terminal of HZMB.

If you missed these shuttle service since it only runs from 10am to 10:30PM, you can also take a public bus 101x, it will take you to HKZMB Terminal as well. Lastly, you may opt to ride a taxi.

How to get there from Hong Kong:

There are several public buses that can take you to the HZMB Port from HK side. You may take the City Flyer airport (A number) routes or B5 shuttle bus from Sunny Bay or B6 from Tung Chung. Taxis are also available.

HZMB Shuttle Bus (Cross Boundary Public Transport):

From the port/terminal of the bridge there is a 24 hour bus shuttle that will take you to one end of the bridge to another (Macau – HongKong or vice versa). The bus departs every 5 minutes during the peak hour/season and every 10-15 minutes during non peak season.


IMG_8353We paid 65 HKD for one way ticket for daytime travel which is from 6:00 AM – 11:59 PM. Night travel will cost 70 HKD one way ticket from 12:00 midnight to 5:59 AM. They also have Concessionary Fare which is 50% of the original fare, this is given to kids, senior citizen and PWD.

The Terminal/Port (Macau Port):

Upon alighting from the bus you will see the entrance of the Port/Terminal. It looks like an airport. You need to purchase the tickets from the ticketing area or you may also use the kiosk to buy your tickets. It’s our first time so we just bought the ticket at the ticketing area, there are very few people buying the ticket.

There is also an immigration in this port. You need only need your passport and your bus ticket. They also have x-ray for the baggage. The terminal is spacious, very clean and the process is very smooth and past.

After passing the immigration and x-ray you there is a short queue to ride the bus. The bus looks like the usual shuttle bus in Macau.

Arrival at Hong Kong Port:

After a 45 minute bus ride we finally arrived at Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s Port/Terminal is huge and it also looks like an airport. You can find ATMs, vending machine and food stalls. We directly go to the Immigration Area. Before lining up to the immigration you need to fill out an arrival card that consists of your details and address of your hotel or place to stay in Hong Kong. They also have x-rays for your baggage for security. The process is very quick and smooth.

Additional Information:

There are Shuttle Bus that can pick you up on different hotels in Macau and directly travel to Hong Kong in Kowloon area but these buses are more expensive than the public transport. If you want a direct bus travel you may book your HKMO Express Shared Bus Transfer at Klook.