Dinner at Jalan Alor

IMG_2916Its our first dinner in KL for this trip and this is surely special because its our Nanay’s treat Yipeee! Free Food is always the best!


Euness suggested that we go to Jalan Alor, one of the food street in Kuala Lumpur. It is located just behind Jalan Bukit Bintang. The whole road is packed with different hawkers not just Malaysian food but variety of cuisine from Asia.

It was a rainy night so we took a Grab going to Jalan Alor. It took us sometime before getting a car, the driver mentioned in the grab app that there is a “jem” on his way to pick us up. On the way to Jalan Alor, the traffic is also bad, if you will check in the map our hotel is just 10-15mins away from this road but it took us 1hour to get there. According to our Grab driver the traffic is usual since its the end of the month, Saturday night and a holiday since they are celebrating Dipawali.

You can easily find Jalan Alor since it just behind Jalan Bukit Bintang, it is easier and faster if we took the train and alight at Bukit Bintang station. The station is right in front of KFC which the start of Jalan Alor road.

We met Euness’ friend and a former colleague – Apple and her Boyfie, they joined us in this special dinner.

We walk a couple of meters away from KFC to the seafood restaurants. We got a long table and start ordering our food. I noticed that this is a Thai food restaurant.The store owner is very helpful he suggests different food to try.


We ordered Tom Yum for the soup, pandan chicken mostly for kids, chili shrimp, garlic and pepper squid and garlic and pepper chicken. Our rice is chicken fried rice and seafood fried rice and we also have stir fried vegetablesThe order taker suggested that we order 2 sets for each variant of food, so we did. But when they served the foods we realized that it will be too much for us since each serving is huge enough for the family.

Tom Yum is very hot upon serving and it has a lot of seafood. There are big shrimp, squid and many more. We really enjoyed this soup specially that its a cold rainy night.


Tom Yum

The seafoods that we ordered were all delectable and they all taste fresh. My personal favorite is the chili shrimp, it has a mix of spiciness and sweetness that is perfect for me.


The total bill is about 350 RM for the whole family of 11 plus our 2 guests. This is really affordable and did not wreck Nanay’s budget.

All in all, we had great time and a great food adventure at this place. I recommend this to everyone who will be visiting Kuala Lumpur soon.

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