Day 4 – Visit to the Southern part of Taiwan – Kaohsiung

IMG_0602This is our last Full Day in Taiwan and we will spend it in the Southern part of the country Kaohsiung. My husband’s cousin is working there for more than 3 years and she will accompany us in Gangshan Skywalk.

To reach Kaohsiung province you can also take a bus which will take you more than 6 hours travel time or travel thru HSR which is just less than 2 hour travel. Since we have 3 day unlimited pass to THSR that we purchased in Klook, we can save a big amount of money and time for this travel. We took the 8:30 reserved seat schedule going to Kaohsiung. As usual the train arrived on time, it will only load passengers for about 3-5 minutes the it will start its journey. We arrived at Kaohsiung HSR station at 10:15AM.

Kaohsiung station is interconnected with TRA and MRT station which is good for us since we need to take the TRA going to Gangshan station… our meeting place with Tita Eldeza (my husband’s cousin). The station is tourist friendly since there are a lot of signage that will point you to the place you needed to be. When we reach the TRA station, we need to buy the tickets thru the vending machine (somewhat look like but not sure if that is called a vending machine), the fare is 17 NTD for Adults and 11 NTD for kids. It will only take about 20 minutes travel time to reach Gangshan station. When we arrived Tita Eldeza is already there waiting for us:)


From the TRA Gangshan station we can either take a bus or a cab going to the Skywalk. Since buses are on schedule and the next one is still less than an hour away we decided to take a cab. They are not using meter instead they gave a specific amount which is 350NTD one way.  It is only a few minutes away from the station but the taxi needs to climb a mountain (somewhat similar to Tagaytay). Private cars are not allowed inside the Skywalk vicinity.


When we reach our destination, we saw a lot of food stalls and of course the skywalk. I am thinking that it is similar to the glass bridge in China that I saw in Facebook but this is smaller and only a part of the bridge is glass not the whole of it. We looked for the ticketing booth but we can’t find it, we asked the vendors where we can buy the tickets and she said that we need to follow the walkway path and we will find the ticket booth. The entrance fee is 80 NTD for adults and 40 NTD for kids and it will allow you to stay a maximum of 90 minutes on the bridge/skywalk.

The Gangshan Skywalk is a new attraction and the only skywalk in Kaohsiung, the trial operation was on February 4, 2018 and it officially opened last February 14, 2018. It is about 133 feet in height and 289 ft long. The bridge is connected by 24 suspension cables.

The location of the skywalk will give you a panoramic view of Kaohsiung. We stopped at the crystal floor area and tried standing there for a while taking some photos. Standing on the crystal floor will give you thrills and throbbing of the heart specially if you are afraid of heights but still it is worth trying. The wind is very strong during our visit and it feels like the bridge is moving every time the wind blows. There is not much to do on the skywalk but take pictures of the great view, they said that it is better to visit the skywalk at night since you can see a lot of lights. The skywalk can only hold maximum of 300 people at a time, but during our visit there are only few tourist I think it is less than 100 since it’s a weekday.

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We travel back to Gangshan Station via Taxi which cost us another 350NTD. From Gangshan Station we rode the TRA to Kaohsiung HSR Station. We had our lunch in one of the Japanese restaurants in the station. The food is OK not that great but they have an unlimited drinkJ, you can choose sodas or juices. We spent 250NTD each meal. We went back to Taipei riding the HSR for less than 2 hours travel. Since it is out last full day in Taiwan we decided to take a rest at the hotel and go to the Ximending night market at night.

Ximending night market is few minutes’ walk from our hotel. Although in some reviews you will see that from Taipei Main Station you need to ride MRT to Ximending Station but it will save you more money if you will just walk.

Ximending Night Market is very different from Shilin Night Market, this one is more modern and also the location of big malls. You can also find a lot of signature clothes and shoes here. We roam around the streets and saw that there are several performers in each big street. We tried some local foods as well like the Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles which you can easily spot due to long lines of people wanting to try this. Small Bowl costs 55NTD and large bowl costs 70NTD. They are also selling chili sauce in a jar. We had our milk tea at Coco, Taiwanese sausage and Cheesy Takoyaki. We bought some “pasalubong” for our friends and family back home.

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