Day 3 – Seoul City Tour

Our 3rd day in Seoul is spent exploring free attractions in our Discover Seoul Pass. We woke up early and had our breakfast in our hotel and headed to Gwanhamun station where we will embark to the Seoul City Bus Tour Hop on and Hop Off Panorama Route.

Seoul City Bus Tour

Seoul City Bus Tour is included in the free attractions in our DSP. It will allow you to explore different places in the city while riding the double Decker bus. It operates daily except Mondays from 9:00AM – 5:10PM and the bus frequency is between 45 minutes to 70 minutes. There are several routes you can choose from such as Gangnam City, Seoul Panorama and Downtown Palace. We choose the Panorama route since we planned in going to Namsan Tower which is also included in this route. Here are the stops included in this route:

Gwanghwamun (Departure)-Myeongdong-Namsan Cable Car Center-Millennium Seoul Hilton-Namsan Public Library-Grand Hyatt Hotel-Gangnam Station-Saebit Island-63 City, Hangang River Cruise-Yeouinaru Station-Hongik University-Airport Railroad Hongik Univ. Station-Ewha Univ. -Museum of Agriculture, Jeongdonggil-Seoul Museum of History-Gwanghwamun (Final station)

When you get to Gwanghamun station find Exit 6 and walk towards Koreana Hotel and the ticket booth is in front of the main entrance. Just show your DSP and they will give you your Bus Ticket.

Namsan Cable Car and Ho Joon Jae’s House

From Gwanghamun station we alight at Namsan Cable Car stop, I learned that the shooting location of “Legend of the Blue Sea” Ho Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho)’s house is just near the Namsan Cable Car so we search for that house first and take some photos. You cannot enter the house since it is not a residential place according to my research it was a private museum, the Kdrama shoots the inside of the house in a different location, they only use the front door of this place.

After our photo op with the Kdrama location, we ride the Namsan Cable Car. It costs us 9,500 Won for Adults Return Ticket and 6,500 Won for Kids Return Tickets. There are no long queue during that time and we were up the mountain in just a few minutes. The view was spectacular and unlike other cable cars that we experienced before this one is huge it can hold I think about 20 people at one time.

Namsan Tower

You can also enter the Namsan Tower Observatory using your Discover Seoul Pass. Just show your DSP to the ticketing booth and they will give you your tickets to the observatory. There is an elevator that will take you to the observatory. You can see the panoramic view of Seoul from this tower. There are telescopes that you can use to view the city with minimal payment. The observatory is just small so you can just spend a few minutes here, for us we only stayed for 30 minutes for photo op. We also bought some souvenirs.

We also visited the Hanbok Experience which is located at the lower level of the building. You can choose your Hanbok and have your photos takes in a studio that looks like a palace from Joseon Era. We had so much fun with this activity.

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This is also free from our DSP.

Gangnam – Coex Aquarium, SM Town, Starfield Library. 

We hop on to the next bus from Namsan Tower to Gangnam Station and from there we walk to SM Town, Starfield Library amd Coex Aquarium which is free attraction from DSP.

There are a lot of marine animals in Coex Aquarium and its a good place to warm yourself after walking in a very cold streets of Seoul.

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We had our dinner at Olive Chicken the Goblin Shooting location (I will write a separate blog on how to get there and about the restaurant itself).

IMG_4627Sealala – Jimjilbang Korean Bath House

After a long day, we want to capped it with a relaxing treat to our body so we head to Sealala Jimjilbang Korean Bath House.

How to get there:

Ride the Subway Line 2 and alight at Mullae Station exit 4. Walk towards HomePlus Supermarket and turn right after a few minutes of walk you will see the signage of Sealala in a big building, they are located at the basement. The Jimjilbang is open 24 hours.

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Our DSP gives us free access in this facility for 12 hours including the rental fee for the Jimjilbang outfit which is required. If you want to stay more than 12 hours you will be charge 1,000 Won for extra hour.

Day rates 5am – 7pm

  • Adults at 8,000 won ($8 or about 400 pesos)
  • Children at 7,000 won ($7 or about 350 pesos)

Night rates 8pm – 6am 

  • Adults at 10,000 Won ($10 or about 500 pesos)
  • Children at 9,000 won ($9 or about 450 pesos)

We went back to our hotel after relaxing at this Spa – Bath House.


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