Day 2 – Seoul City Tour (2019)

It is our official first day of tour in Seoul, South Korea. We woke up a bit late since we arrived at around 2:00 AM in our hotel. We stayed in K-Hotel which is located in Hongdae area, it was a peaceful neighborhood and the subway is about 3-5 minute walk.

Itinerary for the Day:

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Travel to DDP
  • Ride the Yellow Bus Tour – Traditional Line
  • Hanbok Experience at Hanboknam
  • Gyeongbukgung Palace and National Folk Museum
  • Tongin Market for Dinner
  • Namsan Elavator, Namsan Park and Namsan Tower Observatory
  • Seoul Station
  • Back to Hotel

IMG_1962Our first activity for the day is to go to Dongdaemun Design Plaza where we can catch the Yellow Bus Tour – hop on and hop off Traditional Line. It will take us around Seoul city Center and we can also use this as a transportation in exploring Seoul. This bus tour is free if you have your Discover Seoul Pass.

How to Get There:

Take a Subway and alight at Dongdaemun Design Plaza station. Take Exit 1 walk uphill, when you saw the Cafe De Fessonia the ticketing booth is just in front of it. You will also see the Yellow Buses park within that location.

Ticket Pricing for Traditional Line: 

Day Tour:

  • Adult – 15, 000 Won (658 pesos)
  • Kids – 10, 000 Won (439 pesos)

Night Tour 

  • Adult – 12,000 Won (527 Pesos)
  • Kids – 8, 000 Won (350 pesos)

You may also purchase your discounted tickets at Klook or simply but a Discover Seoul Pass to get this activity for FREE!

After one full round of the Tour Bus, we ride another one and alight near Gyeongbokgung Palace to have our Hanboknam experience. The bus stop is quiet far going Hanboknam and it is usually uphill so its kinda tiring for us.


If you want to visit Palaces and other locations in Seoul while wearing a Hanbok you can rent your own Hanbok at Hanboknam, they have different locations within Seoul and Busan. But since we are using our Discover Seoul Pass to get FREE Hanbok Rental the only location available is the Hanboknam near Gyeongbokgung Palace.

How to Get There:

Via Tour Bus you need to alight at the Blue House Bus Stop and walk uphill, if you saw the National Folk Museum Signage, you need to cross the street, take the 2nd left and you can see Hanboknam in that alley.

Via Subway you need to take subway Line 3 to Gyeongbokgung Station. Upon exiting through Exit 4, turn around and walk forward, then turn left at the first alley you will find Hanboknam.

Rental Price:

Traditional Hanboks

  • 1 Hour – 10,000 Won (439 pesos)
  • 2 hours – 15,000 Won (658 pesos)
  • 4 hours – 20,000 Won (878 pesos)
  • Whole day – 30,000 Won (1,315 pesos)

Themed Hanboks

  • 1 Hour 30 mins – 20,000 Won (878b pesos)
  • 2 hours 30 mins – 30,000 Won (1,315 pesos)
  • 4 hours – 40,000 Won (1,755 pesos)
  • Whole day –50,000 Won (2,193 pesos)


  • Lockers – 1,000 Won (44 pesos)
  • Shoes and Bags – 2,000 Won (88 pesos)
  • Hair Band/Waist Band – 2,000 Won (88 pesos)
  • Uhwudong Hat – 3,000 Won (132 pesos)

You may also buy your discounted tickets via Klook or Buy your Discover Seoul Pass to get this activity for FREE.

Note: They require a passport upon renting. DPS Free Hanbok rental is goof for 1 hour only.

Renting Process:

  1. You need to register, show your DPS if you have one and give your passport. They will provide you with locket keys with number. They will also give you a small piece of paper that you need to present upstairs.
  2. Put your belongings to the locker, remove your jackets or coats
  3. Go to 3rd floor, show the small piece of paper given at the reception.
  4. Start choosing your Hanbok. They have Traditional and Character Hanbok. Kids Hanbok is located at 1st
  5. You can try 2 sets of Hanbok.
  6. Change on your chosen Hanbok, staffs will help you in wearing the Hanbok.
  7. Women can have their hair done either braid or bun with the help of the staffs. If you need to pay extra for hair accessories but there are also some that are free to use like hair pins and headbands for women.
  8. Once you are all set, go back to the reception area and they will compute for the rental fee, if you have your DPS you don’t need to pay but if you get hats and other accessories you will need to pay an extra charge.
  9. They will put a bracelet tag on you that shows what time you need to return the Hanbok.
  10. Enjoy your tour and return the Hanbok on time to retrieve your passport.

We went to Gyeongbugung Palace and National Folk Museum and taken some photos. Time slipped so fast that it is already time for us to return our Hanboks.

After that, we went back to the Yellow Bus Tour Stop where we alight. The bus will take us to Tongin Market where we will have our Dinner. We hope to experience the well-known Coin lunch box in Tongin Market unfortunately it is already close. We just dine in at one of the open restaurants in Tongin Market.

Our next stop is at Namsan Tower. The bus tour is only until 5:30 PM so it is no longer operational after dinner time so we walk to the nearest subway station which is the Gyeongbukgung Station.

79760387_3136811559669576_4987685919583633408_oNamsan Elevator, Cable car and Namsan Tower

How to get there:

Take the subway and alight at Myeongdong Station. Take Exit 4 and walk straight when you see the first intersection turn left and you will see the Namsan Elevator.

Namsan Elevator will take you to Namsan Cable Car station. You need to get your tickets and go to the 3rd floor area to ride the cable car.

Ticket Price:

Adult roundtrip ticket – 9,500 Won (416 pesos)

Kids Rountrip Ticket – 7,500 Won (328 pesos)

You may also climb the stairs going to Namsan Park if you do not want to take the Cable Car, but it is more convenient to take the Cable Car specially if you have a little time and you are travelling with kids.

You can explore Namsan Park for Free, there are different places where you can enjoy the view like the Love Lock area, Starbucks area and Mall area. There is also a Hello Kitty Island inside the Mall area.

Namsan Tower Observatory is FREE when you have your DPS, if not here are the ticket prices:

Ticket fees:

Adults 11,000 won (482 pesos)

Children 8,000 won (350 pesos)

Last year we visited Namsan Park and Tower during day time and this time we went at night to see the lights of Seoul.

We capped the night by going to Seoul Station to book our KTX tickets to Busan and buy some groceries in Lotte Mart.