Day 2 – Exploring New Taipei

IMG_0379After having our heavy breakfast we head to Taipei Main Station to start our journey for the day. We boarded the MRT Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi Line) towards Xinyi, after 5 stops at Daan station we have to change line to Brown Line (Wenhu Line) towards Taipei Zoo, and alight to Muzha station which is the 7th stop.





From Muzha, you need to look for the Muzha Bus station across the street near OK Mart, and wait for the Muzha – Pingxi Shuttle Bus (795).

You can check the schedule of the bus to this link , you can also find the stops of this shuttle bus, it has 10 stops in total but you can choose where to alight. Since we have the Taipei Fun Pass  we do not need to pay for the bus fare, we just need to tap the card and voila, off we go! Very convenient! Travel time is between 45 minutes to 1 hour.



IMG_0389We alight at Shifen Waterfalls and then walk our way to Shifen Old Street to see the sky lanterns, we took some photos at the railway and enjoyed the sight of people letting off their sky lanterns. We decided not to buy our own since our Fun Pass include a free Sky Lantern at Shifen Police Station. Shifen Old Street also has a lot of food stalls and souvenirs, we had some snacks (chicken sausage) we also saw Yakult Slushy and bought our mini sky lanterns as souvenir. Since the free sky lantern in Police Station is not open until 4PM we decided to go to Jiufen. For us to go to Jiufen and Gold Waterfall we need to take the Train from Shifen Train Station to Ruifang Station. It only cost us 11 NTD for adults and 8 NTD for kids. Travel time is about 1 hour, taking the train gives us a nice view of Shifen Waterfalls and hanging bridge.

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From Ruifang Station, we need to look for the Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus (856), which is about 200 meters away, you can check the schedule and details here . The bus will stop in Jiufen, Gold Museum and Gold Waterfall. Since we are out of time, we decided to visit Gold Waterfall. It will only take you about 25 minutes from Ruifang Station to Gold Waterfall.



We never regret that we chose to explore this place because the sight of the Waterfall is breathtaking, the rocks and mountains in the vicinity added a dramatic feel to this place. We only took several photos and decided to board the next bus going bacIMG_0404k to Ruifang Station.







When we get there, we went back to the bus station and waited for the Keelung Shuttle Bus (862), check the details here , this bus will take you to Yehliu Geopark, Keelung Night Market, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology and many other stops. For us we decided to visit National Museum of Marine Science and Technology but we failed, it’s a Monday and the Museum is closed every Monday too sad.


We just continue riding the shuttle bus until we reach the Keelung Maritime Park. You can see a lot of boats in the pier.

Our original plan is to ride the shuttle bus until Yehliu Geopark but we need to go back to Pingxi Police Station for the Sky Lantern so we decided to cut our travel and went back to Ruifang Station and board the bus going back to Pingxi.

It took another hour before we reach Pingxi Old Street, which is just a few meters away from the Police Station. We went up the Police Station that is shape as a sky lantern and gave our fun pass cards. The guy in the store is every helpful, he explained to us how to create the LED sky lantern although he is having a hard time explaining, he said that he has poor English but somehow we understand each other thru gestures. He gave us coloring and writing materials, the paper where we can write anything we want for the sky lantern and some stamps as well. Our family had fun creating our own sky lantern wishes and dedication.

IMG_0432After that, we took some photos with our artwork and the person in the store explained to us that it will take about 5 minutes before our LED sky lantern will be played on the big sky lantern shaped police station office J isn’t cool? We went outside so we can watch our sky lantern, the show starts with some Chinese story about sky lantern history and after that, you can see our own sky lantern. It is fun doing it, it is the modern and hi tech way of sending off our sky lanterns. The next shuttle going back to Muzha has a stop near the Police Station so while waiting we grabbed some snacks in the convenience store so we can eat while travelling. We board the Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus going back to Muzha and then MRT back to Taipei Main Station; we had our dinner at Yoshinoya and headed back to our hotel to rest. It was a tiring a fun day.


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