Catching up with a dear friend … Lunch at Sticky Wings Westgate SG

img_3320One of the reason why we keep coming back to Singapore is not just the tourist spots and good locations here, it is also because of a my very dear friend who is working here with her husband and her two kids.

Every time we visit Singapore we never missed a chance to meet up with the Magpantay family- Vernz, Marlo, Charlene and Clark. They are also our first tour guide in SG back in 2013, they opened their home to us so we can save a peso from renting a hotel. This family also inspires us, how they were able to adopt in other country living here for more than 6 years (if I counted it right).


2013 1st time in SG


2015 our 2nd visit


2016 3rd time in SG we are at Magpantay’s residence


present – 2018 visit

Since its a holiday in Singapore, Vernz and her family is free to meet us. When we arrived at SG we messaged them and decided to meet at Westgate mall which is a just a few blocks away from Genting Jurong Hotel. There is a big outdoor playground in this mall. After we settled in our room we headed to Westgate mall. I really love walking around this area however on that day, its a bit different from my previous visits, there are a lot of Indians who are drinking beers at open area with grass near the malls, some areas are reeking with alcohol smell.

img_3321When we finally met Vernz and her cute son – Clarky boy (too bad that Charlene is sick that day and wasn’t able to join us), I told her about what I observed and she said that it is usual during holidays.We waited for awhile for his husband to arrive since he check out the other mall if we went there.

img_3313They treat us for our late lunch at Sticky Wings, they said that its a new food chain here and that they also haven’t tried it yet. The menu is almost the same with Frankies NY except for the local foods in the menu like the Nasi Lemak and Beehoon, they also served breakfast here, though their opening hours is 11:00am to 11:00pm. We ordered Wings of Fury, you can choose between Spicy, Sticky or Naked. Be extra careful in choosing Spicy flavor, because it is really spicy I think its like 3 times the spiciness of Bonchon spicy chicken. The Sticky flavor is sweet and juicy. Naked flavor doesn’t have any additional flavoring, just fried wings. We also had coke, fries and salad.

The place is OK, although the dining area is a bit small and only few diners can eat at the same time. Good thing its not peak hours when we visited the fried chicken chain.

We had a great time chit chatting with Magpantay family although our visit to them is very quick. We also had fun with Clark with his wacky poses on our photo op. We will surely come back and see this family again 🙂 Thank you Magpantay Family!

img_3317 (1)

Kurt and Tita Vernz 2018


Kurt and Tita Vernz 2013

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