Business and Pleasure in one at Empire State Building

IMG_2270One of the main reason of our visit in New York is attending a training in LinkedIn, we are excited to learn and be more effective in our work but what is more amazing in this training is that LinkedIn office is located at The Empire State Building and that means we can mix business and pleasure on this day.

IMG_5637 (1)

Our day started reporting at our NYC headquarters and before lunch time we headed to LinkedIn office with our account manager – Charly and 2 other US recruiters. It’s amazing that we do not need to take a cab or train going to The Empire State, it is pretty close to our office, if I remember it right it was about 5 minute walk from our office.

When we arrived at the entrance, I observed that the security is tight. The contact person from LinkedIn already inform the security that we are coming but they still double check and asked us to give an ID. We were issued visitors ID and headed to the Elevator to access LinkedIn office.

Linkedin office is amazing or it might be more appropriate to say that it is extravagant. The reception area had very nice logo of the company and comfortable seats for the visitors. Again, we need to log our names and contact person before we can enter. Our contact person meet us at the lobby and showed us the different floors of the company. Each floor has a pantry, and each pantry has free food for the employees and their visitors and what is more fascinating about the free food is that each floor has different cuisine, they have Spanish, American, and Asian etc. You can get any amount of food and drinks you want. After getting our food we headed to one of the conference rooms and had our training while having our lunch. It was indeed a productive lunch time.

After the training, we continue the tour in LinkedIn office, there is a floor with Blue Lights and floor with a lot of old landline phones. We also saw a recreation area where the employees can play table tennis, there is also a library where they can read books and computer/gaming room. In short they have it all!


The quick tour in LinkedIn office is over but our tour is not. Our account manager purchased a ticket for us to access the Observation Deck at 102nd floor. It is not an ordinary ticket is was a VIP ticket or what they call Express ticket wherein we do not need to line up among other tourist. Upon showing our pass we were immediately escorted to the elevator heading the observation.

The view on top is magnificent! We saw the whole New York City, all the streets and buildings, it’s simply amazing! I can’t describe the feeling of being here, this was just a dream that I never thought will ever come true. We took a lot photos had a live video to show everyone in FB world that we are in the most iconic skyscraper in NYC.

After a few hours, we headed back to office to finish our tasks for the day. In New York you can always have fun while learning and working.