Bricky holiday at Legoland Theme Park

The Legoland Malaysia is the first Lego Bricks theme park in Asia. It is our 3rd time to visit this park.


After we checked out at the hotel we went to the Legoland Park. Since the park opens at 10am it gives us ample amount of time to have our breakfast and check out.

The opening of gates at Legoland is fun since the staffs will dance together with a Lego mascot, during our visit it was Batman Lego who danced with them.


Inside the park you can find different rides and activities for the whole family. We tried the Ninjago ride, fire truck and others. They also have driving school where the kids can get a drivers’ license after the activity. Big and small rollercoaster are everywhere. You can also find big playgrounds for the kids and indoor Lego play area.

The park is huge and there are a lot of games that you need to pay an extra where you can win stuff toys.


There is also a location at the park with different tourist spots of the countries in Asia, such as Merlion and Singapore Flyer for Singapore, Petronas tower for Malaysia, temples for Thailand, Manila City Clock for Philippines and many more.

Some of the rides and activities in the park were close during our visit. We did not explore most of the part since we are scheduled to travel to Singapore at noon.

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