Batu Caves


This is one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia. Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has several caves and temples located in Selangor Malaysia. You can reach this place easily by taking a train from KL Sentral. You can check the train schedule on the screen that you can see in the station. You need to purchase a ticket from one of the Windows and they will give you a paper ticket unlike the usual token that we use from other trains. 

We have visited Batu Caves 3 times already, first in 2013, 2015 and 2016.


There are 3 main caves that you can see in Batu Caves complex, the biggest is called Cathedral Cave which you can visit after taking about 272 steps from the famous ladder of Batu Cave.

You will also see the tallest statue of Murugan the Hindu Deity which is just located near the ladder. It has a height of 42.7 meters and has gold color.


Since this is a religious site, there are places that you need to remove your slippers or shoes before entering. It will also be proper if you will wear pants or skirt to show respect to their religion. I am wearing shorts when we visited the site since we still have a lot to do during that day.

 You can also buy food to feed the Monkeys, there are a lot of Monkeys when you are climbing the stairs to reach the caves. 

On our way back, we also ride the same train going back to KL Sentral. The train do not a lot of passengers that time, we also notice that they have separate area for men and women, but since we are family we only stayed in one area of the train.