Arrival in Kuala Lumpur – KLIA2


Our family booked thru piso fare of Cebu Pacific for our flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur. We traveled to NAIA3 at 4PM for our 8:50PM flight, anticipating the traffic in Manila but since it’s a holiday (November 2, 2018) the traffic is a little light and we arrived at NAIA3 around 5PM.

First thing is we pay for our travel tax, travel tax can be paid online or when you book you flight but if you are travelling with kids I suggest that you just pay the travel tax at the airport since they will only charge 50% of the price unlike online which you will be charge in full. The adult travel tax is P1620.00 while for the kids 12 years old and below it is only P810.00. You need to keep the receipt and the voucher given to you because it will be collected at the check in counter.


Then we proceed to check in counter, since we do not have check in bags the check in is quick. They do not check the weight of our hand carry bags anymore. Since its still 3 hours before our flight we decided to have our dinner at Kenny Rogers and fill out our Departure Card. We already got our Departure Card from our previous travel so we don’t need to fill out while standing in a crowd.

We went to immigration about 1 hour and 30 minutes before our flight. The immigration process is smooth and quick. The next step is a little hassle for everyone … XRAY. We need to remove our belts, shoes, watches and bracelets for the scan. Since we have kids it’s really a hassle.


We boarded the plane 30 minutes before the flight. We are expected to take off at 8:50PM but due to runway traffic we were able to take off at 9:15PM. We traveled for about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Finally we arrived at KLIA2, where Tita Euness and her friend is waiting for us. The immigration entering Malaysia is also quick and we do not encounter any problems at all, although they do not allow kids to be with the parents, we need to pass the immigration process one by one.


CTTO: Tita Euness Tulab


We had our snack at Airport Food Court – Minumlah Serbuk Teh Cap. The food are all local – Malaysian Food and everything is spicy.

We ordered different foods such as Mi Goreng, this is their pansit but it is very spicy; Murtabak looks and taste like a burger patty; Chapati, a bread like food that you can dip in sauces; Thosai it looks like turon ; Nasi Goreng which is a fried rice; Roti Pisang it is almost similar to Chapati but it has bananas inside and there are 3 sauces that you can choose from; and finally our drink is called Teh Ice – it is a cold milk tea if it is hot it is called Teh Tarik.

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