An Okonomoyaki experience – Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen SM Megamall

I always look for different summer activities for my sons every year. This year I learned that Dohtonbori is hosting a Kiddie Kitchen in most of their branches.


Photo Credit to Dohtonbori FB Page

I visited Dohtonbori’s Facebook page and from the posting of the Kiddie Kitchen you can register your kids name and details. You can also choose what branch you want to participate in, they also have the schedules there. Kids from 4 years old up to 12 years old can participate in this activity.


Photo Credit to Dohtonbori FB Page

There are two packages that you can choose from. Package 1 includes the 3 meat Okonomoyaki, Quattro Formaggi, 3 pcs. Karaage with rice, bandana, tanuki keychain and hairnet which is worth 700 pesos, Package 2 has all the inclusions from Package 1 except for 3 pcs Kaarage with Rice that costs 500 pesos.

Upon registration, someone from the store/branch you choose will call you. We picked SM Megamall branch since it is the closest branch from our place. After few days of registration, Ms. Angelique Ocenar called us to discuss that we need to drop by the store to pay for the participation fee and sign some documents, since I am not available to go due to work schedule I asked my mom to go instead.

Ashing’s schedule for Kiddie Kitchen is April 27 at 10am. So we prepare early on that Saturday morning and go directly to SM Megamall.

The Dohtonbori staffs are well prepared, they greeted us and assisted my son. They gave him his name tag and coloring materials while we wait for the other kiddie kitchen participant. After few minutes, they are all complete. There are a total of 5 kids.

They have a mini orientation with Ms. Angelique and one of her staffs, a kitchen tour and finally its cooking time.

IMG_7380They started with cooking Okonomoyaki, the staffs are very attentive with the kids and they are very helpful so the kids can enjoy the cooking experience. After cooking the Okonomiyaki they put some sauce and Japanese Mayonaise and its all set.


Next is the Quattro Formaggi, its looks like a pancake with a lot of cheese on it. My son loves the flipping of the pancake.They ate the food they cooked. My son love his Okonomoyaki. They also served the chicken karaage.

After the cooking session they were given a loot bag which has the tanuki keychain and their take out food. They were awarded a certificate of participation.

It was a great Okonomoyaki experience that we had with Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen. I hope that they will continue to do this activity every summer. What’s best with this activity is that they have limited number of participant and the staffs can focus on each kid.

To all the mommies out there this is one of activities you may want to consider for your kiddos.

58441656_379907542735240_7882538772380778496_nPon Poko Pon everyone!