A Relaxing Treat for our Hard work – New Lasema Spa


As an employee working for a US company we do not follow most of the holidays in Philippines, so the few US holidays are really one of the most awaited part of the year. Although it is just a one day holiday – September 3, 2018 which is a Monday, most of the people will say that it’s a long weekend and we can go for a getaway near the Metro, but for parents like us who needs to spend the weekend making sure that the kitchen supplies are intact for the week we cannot just go on a trip. Instead, we planned to relax and spend this time in a great place just within the Metro.


I am a Korean Drama fan and I have watched tons of Kdrama, one of the things that I love when I am watching it is the Spa area where they can spend overnight, eat grilled eggs and relax. While browsing facebook I saw an ad of this authentic Korean Spa called New Lasema Spa which is located in Makati. I watched the video of the amenities and read the reviews of the guests who had visited the place and after some budgeting and convincing on my husband we decided that we will spend our US holiday at this place.

I inquired thru their FB page on how to reserve and I learned that they accept walk in guests anytime and they are open 24/7 which is amazing and fits our schedule. The rates of the Spa varies on what specific service and amenities you want to avail. For wet sauna you will pay for P300 for the stay of 3hrs, for Jimjilbang it is P600 on weekday and P700 on weekends for 12 hour stay, I advised that you avail the full package which is only P990 on weekdays and P1100 on weekends this includes 1 hour massage, Jimjilbang and wet sauna for 12 hours stay.


We went there on Monday night at 9:30 PM. They have a basement parking but it is very small I think it can only hold up to 5 cars, we are lucky that the guard still allow us to park even if there are no slots available, he only asked us to leave our car key so he can move the car in case a guest needs to leave the parking area. The Spa is accessible from the parking area thru an elevator, the reception is located at the 3rd floor of the building. There are only few guests at the reception which made is easier. The receptionist asked if we have a reservation since we don’t have he checked on the next availability of the massage therapist and after a few minutes he gave us our massage schedule at 12:45am, our locker keys and receipt.

Male and Female lockers are separated, it is not allowed to used your mobile phones or any gadget inside the wet sauna and locker rooms, it is because you need to be naked in the wet sauna area and some are also naked inside the locker rooms. It is almost similar when we had our Onsen Spa experience in Thailand so I am used to it. You don’t need to worry about bring your things because they provide towels, clothes, soap, shampoo, comb, hair dryer, baby powder and cotton buds, I also saw toothpaste at the sink not sure if it is for everyone’s use as well.

It is recommended that you start your spa adventure with a shower, wet sauna, massage, Jimjilbang and rest. But for us we decided to start our experience with Jimjilbang which is located at the 3rd level of the Lasema Spa which is technically 6th floor of the building if I am not mistaken.

Jimjilbang is a traditional kiln saunas in Korea, it is derived from the word Jimjil means Heating. You can find various rooms with different temperature and different elements with medicinal and health benefits.



Our first stop is the Himalayan Salt and Oak Charcoal with temperature of 56 degrees Celsius. It is said that Himalayan salt has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect while charcoal is for prevention of oxidation and reduction. You can sit on the salts on the floor or lay down or just stay in one of the bamboo chairs inside the room. We stayed here for 5 minutes and we are all sweaty when we come out.


Then we went to the next room which is Ochre Pine Tree Sauna the temperature is 61 degrees Celsius when we entered. We decided to lay down and feel the heat on this room longer. It is said that staying in this room is beneficial for your respiratory problems like asthma and helps in reducing poisonous effects on heavy metal.

Our next stop is the Yellow Soil with Amethyst at 58 degrees Celsius. In this room, there is called Ghungi – to which is a natural stone that has special effects on skin diseases and trauma treatment. It also relieves stress and can help in recovering the body rhythm.


The hottest room is Ochre Hot Kiln which has 71-75 degrees Celsius temperature. The effect of this room is to relieve fatigue and stimulate the metabolism. The room is very hot and I cannot stay for 2 even 2 minutes.


Finally, we went to the Ice Room. It is very cold inside feels like you are inside a walk in freezer but it is tolerable especially when you came from heated rooms. The ice room will help cool down the body temperature and heated muscles. It will also tighten the skin pores after opening from the heated rooms.


After sweating we went to the second floor where you can find the oxygen room and infrared room. The continuous use of Oxygen room will improve the memory, reduces fatigue and drowsiness and improves the reaction rate and muscle recovery. Far Infrared rooms promotes metabolism, improve blood circulation and enhance the production of enzyme.



Also at the third floor, you can find the rest area, heated floors where you can sleep, lounge area where you can watch TV while laying down on a couch and snack bar. They have videoke rooms but you need to pay an extra 450 pesos for 1 hour use. They also have a gym and kids play area.


We decided to order food, you don’t need to bring your wallet at the snack bar area you just need to present your locker key and you will pay it upon check out. The food variety is not that good and a little pricey. We ordered boiled Ramen for P150, 3pcs grilled egg for P40, Cold Korean Ginger Tea for P100 and Kimbap for P150. During this time around 11:30PM the number of people within the snack bar area increases maybe because they are also waiting for their turn in the massage room. The food is fine not that special but the experience is awesome, it feels like I am in Korea since most of the people around are Koreans.


After eating, we went to the lounge to rest while waiting for our massage schedule. The TV program is boring but the couch is comfortable I almost fell asleep.


Finally our turn for our massage came, we asked the massage receptionist on where we should go, he mentioned that the rooms are full but he can give us a private room for free! Awesome! So he accompanied us to the 2nd floor where the couple’s room is located. The massage is great, it relaxes the whole body and I almost fell asleep once again. After the massage, you need to sign a paper and input the amount of your tip, then the massage therapist will borrow your locker keys so that will be added on your bill when you check out.


We went back to the Salt and Charcoal room for a few minutes and Ice room afterwards. After resting for a while we went to the wet sauna which connected to the locker’s room. First you need to take a shower, then you can dip yourself to different heated pools with variety of health benefits (Green Tea and Ginseng are the only things I remembered and the ice pool of course.). It is just awkward to walk around naked with just a small blue towel to cover your private parts, but the experience is worth it.

There is one part in the locker’s room that made me curious but since camera and phones aren’t allowed in the locker room I weren’t able to take a photo. It is like a steam for private parts and anus you need to sit on a chair with the big hole at the middle and there is a hot steaming water below. I read that the benefits of this one is for antibacterial and prevent infections on your private part and anus. But you need to pay an extra 450 pesos to use this.


After the wet sauna, my husband already wants to go home because its weekdays and Makati area will be jam packed of people during rush hour so we check out at 3:45am to avoid the traffic jams.


Things to remember:

–          New Lasema Spa is located at 8846 Sampaloc St. Cor Estrella St. San Antonio Village Makati City. The landmark is Kingswood Condo, Shopwise Makati and Pasong Tamo Petron.

–          If you are driving just type New Lasema Spa in Waze and it will direct you to its location.

–          For inquiries and reservation you can contact 830-2222 loc 105 or visit their fb page here.

–          You are allowed to bring your phone in common areas but it is strictly no phone or gadgets within the locker area and wet sauna, you will be fined a whopping 10,000 pesos if you are caught.

–          You should bring big towels since they only provide small ones.