A Blast from the Past – Tulabs at Las Casas

IMG_7131After my son’s graduation, we decided to spend an out of town getaway in Bataan. We wanted to have a unique stay in a good resort so we decided to travel to Bagac, Bataan to visit and spend a night at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. My company had our Team Building in this place last 2018 and I luckily won a overnight stay during our Christmas Party.

Las Casas Filipinas de AcuzarΒ 

This is a Heritage Park that was opened in 2010, with about 400 hectares. The resort features the old Philippines. It has a collection of 27 Spanish colonial – era buildings, houses which are called “bahay na bato” which comes from the original structures from different parts of the Philippines such as Manila, Quiapo, Bulacan, Pampanga, La Union, Sorsogon, Cagayan and Ilocos.

How to get there?

Using Private Vehicle:

From Pasig where we are residing, we traveled to NLEX, exit at San Fernando, Pampanga and continue driving to Bataan for about 2 hours. Total travel time on a Sunday morning is about 3 hours. You can use Waze and type in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and it will lead you the right direction.

Via Bus/Public Transpo:

From Cubao Bus stations you need to take the Genesis Bus or Five Star Bus to Balanga Bataan, then at Balanga terminal you will find jeepneys that will take you to Bagac. The bus ride is approximately 3 hours plus 1 hour jeepney ride. From Bagac, there are tricycles that can take you to Las Casas.


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Check In and Parking:

Private Cars are not allowed inside the resort, they have a parking just outside the entrance, but you are allowed to drop off your baggage at the reception before parking your vehicle. They have jeepneys that you can ride from parking to reception area.

The official check in time is 3:00 PM. We arrived earlier than the check in time thinking that there can be an early check in specially for guests who have kids, however, they are very strict in the policy that you can only check in to your room at 3PM. They already process our check in but we need to wait for 3PM for our room key. We can already use the resort’s facility while waiting. Since it’s too hot we decided to stay at the lobby area. They serve welcome drinks and had a great view to enjoy while waiting.

IMG_7085When its already 3PM, they started giving out the room keys for the guests. You need to ride the shuttle – jeepney that will take you to your room. It is disappointing that they only have few jeepneys to take the guests, and there are a lot of guest that day. It is almost 4PM and we are still waiting for our turn to ride the shuttle. I approached the front desk and asked why they only have few jeepneys while they knew that there are a lot of guest, she called in the person in charge for the shuttle service. We were able to ride the shuttle after a few minutes. We arrived in our room about 4:15 PM.


IMG_6940The activities and shows in the resort also goes along with the its theme – old Philippine life. During our stay we are lucky that are still shows that we can watch. They have Carabao Parade, Carabao Race and Pala Sebo.

The carabaos were all dressed up for the parade and the guests can vote for the best dressed awardee for the day. Then afterwards they will proceed to the beach front and start the Race. It is my first time to watch a carabao race and it is very fascinating. My kids also enjoyed watching it and cheering for their bet carabao.

IMG_6941After that, also at the same venue – beach front. They started the Palo Sebo. There are two teams who are competing for the price.

They also offer a Heritage Walking Tour around the Resort for free. You can join the morning schedule or afternoon schedule.

The room:

We booked a Superior Room for our stay. It is very spacious and has 2 queen beds that is suitable for our family of 4. The Bathroom has a Bathtub and shower area. The rooms is not as clean as we expected there are spider webs on the ceiling. The TV is small but functioning. They have free wifi but the signal inside the room is very weak that we need to go out at the hallway if we need to access the internet. There is no phone to call the front desk from your room, they only provide a mobile number to call if the need arises.

The View:

The place is great for sightseeing, it will take you back to the old Philippines. It is like living in a different timeline when you are walking around the resort. They have a lot of old houses and old structures that are picturesque.

IMG_7073They have a church inside the resort but during our visit it is under construction. They have a pool which looks like a Batis, unfortunately it is under maintenance during our visit.

The Food/Restaurant:

There are a number of food choices inside the resort. They have different restaurants, street foods and bars. The restaurants offers both local and international cuisine, you can choose to eat at Cafe Marivent, La Bella Teodora, Taberna Luna, Cafe del Rio, Cusina ni Nanay Maria and La Parilla. They also have a street food near the pool where you can buy fish balls and kakanins – rice cakes. For those who wants cap off the night with some cocktail drink they can go to La Casita and drink their favorite alcohol with the view of West Philippine Sea.

We had our snack at the Pika Pika stall near the Swimming Pool, and the price is surprising high. We ordered fish balls which costs us 90 pesos for 18 pcs, the usual price of fish balls is 50 cents per piece. We also ordered a slice of biko which costs us 110 pesos.

For our DinnerΒ  we went to Cafe Del Rio which is the closest restaurant from our room. It is easy to find using the map. The restaurant is set in an old house and it is has a view of the Lake. The wind is cool and the ambiance is very relaxing. We ordered pork sisig and grilled sea bass. The food taste delicious and fresh.

The Beach:

Yes, Las Casas has a beach. It is very accessible from hotel rooms because it just across the road. They built an inflatable park too. You can use this for free as a hotel guest. However, the inflatable park opens late during our stay and its too hot to swim for us. We only enjoyed their crystal clear water at the beach. We always want to go to the beach as early as 6am to avoid sun burn.

IMG_6986Las Casas provide ample number of showers within the beach area and even a foot wash at the exit so you can wash away all the sands before going back to your room.

Other things to do:

IMG_7086If you want a total relaxation on your trip head to Napia Spa, They offer different types of massage and Pinoy massage as well. I do not have a chance to experience this since we do not have enough time.

You can also have your family portrait at La Casa Dela Fotograpia. You may want to take your photo outside or inside their studio. They provide free use of Filipino costumes like Barong, Baro’t Saya and even old General clothes,Β  you can choose what you want to wear on the photo shoot.

Our family opt to have our photo shoot inside the studio, it only cost 350 pesos per head and already includes the soft copy of all the pictures and 1 printed copy A5 size.

Overall, it was a wonderful stay that we had at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. It was a different experience and we really enjoyed it. Here are more photos that we had take during our stay:

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