HZMB – The Longest Sea Crossing and Open – Sea Fixed Link on Earth

IMG_8344It is my 4th time to visit Hong Kong and 2nd time in Macau. We usually take a flight going to HK and then after a few days take a ferry to Macau for an overnight stay. This time we decided to try another route. We booked a flight to Macau which is cheaper during the Piso Sale with Cebu Pacific and from Macau we took a bus going to HK using the newly opened Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

IMG_8861HZMB is the longest Bridge and open- sea fixed Link on Earth. It was constructed in December 2009 and had its inauguration in October 23,2018 and finally opened its service on October,2019. It is about 55 km that connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. The travel time to cross this bridge is about 45 minutes.

There’s a part of the bridge that goes underwater which is about 6.7 km long. Cool!

How to get there from Macau Cotai area:

IMG_8346We stayed in Holiday Inn Sands Cotai. The hotels usually have their shuttle going to different locations within Macau and the good thing is these shuttles are free.

From our hotel they have a shuttle going to Ferry Port Terminal, you just need to wait at the main entrance, it leaves every 15 minutes. From the Ferry Terminal, you need to change to another shuttle that will take you to the Bus Station Port Terminal of HZMB.

If you missed these shuttle service since it only runs from 10am to 10:30PM, you can also take a public bus 101x, it will take you to HKZMB Terminal as well. Lastly, you may opt to ride a taxi.

How to get there from Hong Kong:

There are several public buses that can take you to the HZMB Port from HK side. You may take the City Flyer airport (A number) routes or B5 shuttle bus from Sunny Bay or B6 from Tung Chung. Taxis are also available.

HZMB Shuttle Bus (Cross Boundary Public Transport):

From the port/terminal of the bridge there is a 24 hour bus shuttle that will take you to one end of the bridge to another (Macau – HongKong or vice versa). The bus departs every 5 minutes during the peak hour/season and every 10-15 minutes during non peak season.


IMG_8353We paid 65 HKD for one way ticket for daytime travel which is from 6:00 AM – 11:59 PM. Night travel will cost 70 HKD one way ticket from 12:00 midnight to 5:59 AM. They also have Concessionary Fare which is 50% of the original fare, this is given to kids, senior citizen and PWD.

The Terminal/Port (Macau Port):

Upon alighting from the bus you will see the entrance of the Port/Terminal. It looks like an airport. You need to purchase the tickets from the ticketing area or you may also use the kiosk to buy your tickets. It’s our first time so we just bought the ticket at the ticketing area, there are very few people buying the ticket.

There is also an immigration in this port. You need only need your passport and your bus ticket. They also have x-ray for the baggage. The terminal is spacious, very clean and the process is very smooth and past.

After passing the immigration and x-ray you there is a short queue to ride the bus. The bus looks like the usual shuttle bus in Macau.

Arrival at Hong Kong Port:

After a 45 minute bus ride we finally arrived at Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s Port/Terminal is huge and it also looks like an airport. You can find ATMs, vending machine and food stalls. We directly go to the Immigration Area. Before lining up to the immigration you need to fill out an arrival card that consists of your details and address of your hotel or place to stay in Hong Kong. They also have x-rays for your baggage for security. The process is very quick and smooth.

Additional Information:

There are Shuttle Bus that can pick you up on different hotels in Macau and directly travel to Hong Kong in Kowloon area but these buses are more expensive than the public transport. If you want a direct bus travel you may book your HKMO Express Shared Bus Transfer at Klook.


A Blast from the Past – Tulabs at Las Casas

IMG_7131After my son’s graduation, we decided to spend an out of town getaway in Bataan. We wanted to have a unique stay in a good resort so we decided to travel to Bagac, Bataan to visit and spend a night at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. My company had our Team Building in this place last 2018 and I luckily won a overnight stay during our Christmas Party.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 

This is a Heritage Park that was opened in 2010, with about 400 hectares. The resort features the old Philippines. It has a collection of 27 Spanish colonial – era buildings, houses which are called “bahay na bato” which comes from the original structures from different parts of the Philippines such as Manila, Quiapo, Bulacan, Pampanga, La Union, Sorsogon, Cagayan and Ilocos.

How to get there?

Using Private Vehicle:

From Pasig where we are residing, we traveled to NLEX, exit at San Fernando, Pampanga and continue driving to Bataan for about 2 hours. Total travel time on a Sunday morning is about 3 hours. You can use Waze and type in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and it will lead you the right direction.

Via Bus/Public Transpo:

From Cubao Bus stations you need to take the Genesis Bus or Five Star Bus to Balanga Bataan, then at Balanga terminal you will find jeepneys that will take you to Bagac. The bus ride is approximately 3 hours plus 1 hour jeepney ride. From Bagac, there are tricycles that can take you to Las Casas.

CTTO iwsphilippines.org

Check In and Parking:

Private Cars are not allowed inside the resort, they have a parking just outside the entrance, but you are allowed to drop off your baggage at the reception before parking your vehicle. They have jeepneys that you can ride from parking to reception area.

The official check in time is 3:00 PM. We arrived earlier than the check in time thinking that there can be an early check in specially for guests who have kids, however, they are very strict in the policy that you can only check in to your room at 3PM. They already process our check in but we need to wait for 3PM for our room key. We can already use the resort’s facility while waiting. Since it’s too hot we decided to stay at the lobby area. They serve welcome drinks and had a great view to enjoy while waiting.

IMG_7085When its already 3PM, they started giving out the room keys for the guests. You need to ride the shuttle – jeepney that will take you to your room. It is disappointing that they only have few jeepneys to take the guests, and there are a lot of guest that day. It is almost 4PM and we are still waiting for our turn to ride the shuttle. I approached the front desk and asked why they only have few jeepneys while they knew that there are a lot of guest, she called in the person in charge for the shuttle service. We were able to ride the shuttle after a few minutes. We arrived in our room about 4:15 PM.


IMG_6940The activities and shows in the resort also goes along with the its theme – old Philippine life. During our stay we are lucky that are still shows that we can watch. They have Carabao Parade, Carabao Race and Pala Sebo.

The carabaos were all dressed up for the parade and the guests can vote for the best dressed awardee for the day. Then afterwards they will proceed to the beach front and start the Race. It is my first time to watch a carabao race and it is very fascinating. My kids also enjoyed watching it and cheering for their bet carabao.

IMG_6941After that, also at the same venue – beach front. They started the Palo Sebo. There are two teams who are competing for the price.

They also offer a Heritage Walking Tour around the Resort for free. You can join the morning schedule or afternoon schedule.

The room:

We booked a Superior Room for our stay. It is very spacious and has 2 queen beds that is suitable for our family of 4. The Bathroom has a Bathtub and shower area. The rooms is not as clean as we expected there are spider webs on the ceiling. The TV is small but functioning. They have free wifi but the signal inside the room is very weak that we need to go out at the hallway if we need to access the internet. There is no phone to call the front desk from your room, they only provide a mobile number to call if the need arises.

The View:

The place is great for sightseeing, it will take you back to the old Philippines. It is like living in a different timeline when you are walking around the resort. They have a lot of old houses and old structures that are picturesque.

IMG_7073They have a church inside the resort but during our visit it is under construction. They have a pool which looks like a Batis, unfortunately it is under maintenance during our visit.

The Food/Restaurant:

There are a number of food choices inside the resort. They have different restaurants, street foods and bars. The restaurants offers both local and international cuisine, you can choose to eat at Cafe Marivent, La Bella Teodora, Taberna Luna, Cafe del Rio, Cusina ni Nanay Maria and La Parilla. They also have a street food near the pool where you can buy fish balls and kakanins – rice cakes. For those who wants cap off the night with some cocktail drink they can go to La Casita and drink their favorite alcohol with the view of West Philippine Sea.

We had our snack at the Pika Pika stall near the Swimming Pool, and the price is surprising high. We ordered fish balls which costs us 90 pesos for 18 pcs, the usual price of fish balls is 50 cents per piece. We also ordered a slice of biko which costs us 110 pesos.

For our Dinner  we went to Cafe Del Rio which is the closest restaurant from our room. It is easy to find using the map. The restaurant is set in an old house and it is has a view of the Lake. The wind is cool and the ambiance is very relaxing. We ordered pork sisig and grilled sea bass. The food taste delicious and fresh.

The Beach:

Yes, Las Casas has a beach. It is very accessible from hotel rooms because it just across the road. They built an inflatable park too. You can use this for free as a hotel guest. However, the inflatable park opens late during our stay and its too hot to swim for us. We only enjoyed their crystal clear water at the beach. We always want to go to the beach as early as 6am to avoid sun burn.

IMG_6986Las Casas provide ample number of showers within the beach area and even a foot wash at the exit so you can wash away all the sands before going back to your room.

Other things to do:

IMG_7086If you want a total relaxation on your trip head to Napia Spa, They offer different types of massage and Pinoy massage as well. I do not have a chance to experience this since we do not have enough time.

You can also have your family portrait at La Casa Dela Fotograpia. You may want to take your photo outside or inside their studio. They provide free use of Filipino costumes like Barong, Baro’t Saya and even old General clothes,  you can choose what you want to wear on the photo shoot.

Our family opt to have our photo shoot inside the studio, it only cost 350 pesos per head and already includes the soft copy of all the pictures and 1 printed copy A5 size.

Overall, it was a wonderful stay that we had at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. It was a different experience and we really enjoyed it. Here are more photos that we had take during our stay:

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An Okonomoyaki experience – Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen SM Megamall


I always look for different summer activities for my sons every year. This year I learned that Dohtonbori is hosting a Kiddie Kitchen in most of their branches.

Photo Credit to Dohtonbori FB Page

I visited Dohtonbori’s Facebook page and from the posting of the Kiddie Kitchen you can register your kids name and details. You can also choose what branch you want to participate in, they also have the schedules there. Kids from 4 years old up to 12 years old can participate in this activity.

Photo Credit to Dohtonbori FB Page

There are two packages that you can choose from. Package 1 includes the 3 meat Okonomoyaki, Quattro Formaggi, 3 pcs. Karaage with rice, bandana, tanuki keychain and hairnet which is worth 700 pesos, Package 2 has all the inclusions from Package 1 except for 3 pcs Kaarage with Rice that costs 500 pesos.

Upon registration, someone from the store/branch you choose will call you. We picked SM Megamall branch since it is the closest branch from our place. After few days of registration, Ms. Angelique Ocenar called us to discuss that we need to drop by the store to pay for the participation fee and sign some documents, since I am not available to go due to work schedule I asked my mom to go instead.

Ashing’s schedule for Kiddie Kitchen is April 27 at 10am. So we prepare early on that Saturday morning and go directly to SM Megamall.

The Dohtonbori staffs are well prepared, they greeted us and assisted my son. They gave him his name tag and coloring materials while we wait for the other kiddie kitchen participant. After few minutes, they are all complete. There are a total of 5 kids.

They have a mini orientation with Ms. Angelique and one of her staffs, a kitchen tour and finally its cooking time.

IMG_7380They started with cooking Okonomoyaki, the staffs are very attentive with the kids and they are very helpful so the kids can enjoy the cooking experience. After cooking the Okonomiyaki they put some sauce and Japanese Mayonaise and its all set.


Next is the Quattro Formaggi, its looks like a pancake with a lot of cheese on it. My son loves the flipping of the pancake.They ate the food they cooked. My son love his Okonomoyaki. They also served the chicken karaage.

After the cooking session they were given a loot bag which has the tanuki keychain and their take out food. They were awarded a certificate of participation.

It was a great Okonomoyaki experience that we had with Dohtonbori Kiddie Kitchen. I hope that they will continue to do this activity every summer. What’s best with this activity is that they have limited number of participant and the staffs can focus on each kid.

To all the mommies out there this is one of activities you may want to consider for your kiddos.

58441656_379907542735240_7882538772380778496_nPon Poko Pon everyone!

A Secluded Breakfast Place – Eggs For Breakfast Antipolo

IMG_7314Most of the people in the Metro went on an out of town vacation for the Holy Week Celebration. For us we have to stay home since my husband has work on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

IMG_7310So to make our holy week different from our usual weekends we decided to have a special breakfast after Easter Sunday Mass. We attended the Easter Sunday Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Hinulugang Taktak Antipolo, this is shooting location of One More Chance movie of Popoy and Basha.

We picked “Eggs for Breakfast” to have our Easter Sunday Meal. It is quite far from the Church I think we drove about 15-20mins or more. They are located at Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan Street, Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Lower Antipolo, Mambugan, Lower, Antipolo. You can just type “Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo” in your Waze application and it will help you reach this restaurant.

Upon arriving at the location we only saw a signage that the restaurant is inside the Velada Estate, you will only see a lot of cars in the parking space. The area is secluded inside the parking lot, you need to enter a small entrance to see the restaurant. It looks like a residential place with huge garden and huge mansion and they only used one space for the restaurant.

The place is nice, you can have photos in the garden while you are waiting to be seated. They even have a small pond with Koi Fishes in it. The restaurant itself is small, I think it can only seat about 15 people inside and there are few tables outside the garden.

We ordered Ceaser Salad, Bacons and Eggs, Buttermilk Pancake with Bacon and Egg, Bloody Mary Linguine, Tangy Tuna and Beef Tapa. We also tried their Macchiato Coffee. The serving time is too long for this kind of food, we waited for 30-45 minutes for our foods to be served. The coffee is just a espresso shot so unlikely of what we are expecting. The food tasted OK and the serving is big, but I can say that there is nothing special in this restaurant aside from the view. The servers are good, well mannered and has good customer service. The price is just OK, it is within the usual pricing of breakfast cafes.

The Comfort Room is located at the side of Restaurant near the Kitchen.

To sum it up we had a great Sunday Morning with our family and Nanay and Tatay. It is worth to spend your special breakfast here.


What to Prepare for your first Winter Vacation

IMG_5051 (1)Philippines is tropical country so most of the Pinoys are dreaming of experiencing snow or winter season. It has been my dream to experience a White Christmas since I am a child and finally that dream came true last December 2018 although we weren’t able to spend Christmas time in Korea.

Since winter is not part of our season, we really need to be ready with proper attire, accessories and other necessities for cold weather especially when you are travelling with your kids, of course you do not want to ruin your vacation because your kids or even you got sick due of the change of temperature or climate. So here are some tips on what you need to prepare or bring on your winter trip.

First let’s talk about the things that we need to wear, since we need to do some layering we need to make sure that we are doing it properly and not just wearing all the clothes we have and end up looking bad or not be able to move at all.

  1. HEATTECH – this will be your first layer, these thermals usually looks like leggings or tights that hugs your body to maintain or hold your body heat inside. It shouldn’t be bulky but also comfortable to wear. We purchased our Heattech in UNIQLO, it is a little pricey but it is really effective and will help you a lot in cold weather. You may also opt to buy just a few sets of Heattech before your flight and buy more when you arrive in Korea (if you have spare time) most of the blogs I read before our vacation mentioned that Heattech in Korea is more effective than those bought here in Manila although I haven’t tried it.
  2. FLEECE – this will be the 2nd layer of your outfit. These are also thermals that provides best insulation that are thick, light in weight and soft. We also bought ours in UNIQLO, they have choices of turtle neck style or round neck style with different colors.
  3. SWEATERS – the 3rd layer of your outfit, can be a hoodie, cardigan, or knitted sweaters that we usually use during our Tagaytay or Baguio trip.IMG_4660
  4. JEANS – make sure to bring enough comfortable jeans, wear it on top of your HEATTECH leggings and you are set.IMG_4659
  5. COAT – the outer most layer of your outfit, and since it is the outer most layer it will appear on most of your pictures so you must invest in a good coat. It is really expensive but it will help you a lot in keeping your body warm. We got some good coats in an online Flea Market and also in Surplus stores in SM Malls.IMG_4227
  6. GLOVES – our fingers are prone to frostbite so we need to protect it with good gloves. In choosing the gloves make sure that it is waterproof so when you touch the snow it won’t be wet, touch-screen friendly so you don’t need to remove it when you need to use you phone, and durable.IMG_4658
  7. HATS – for some they thought that wearing hats are just for fashion but Hats are necessity during Winter, it will keep you warm during the cold weather. You may choose a beany, trapper hat Russian with Ear Flaps or knitted hats, anything that works for your fashion and can cover your ears since it is also prone to frostbite so we need to be extra careful. For us we just brought beanies, but it is not enough to keep us warm so we decided to buy Trapper Hat with ear flaps after our 2nd day. IMG_4874
  8. SCARVES – it can be an accessory at the same time is very useful during the cold weather. You can wear it around your neck, your face, your head your around your waist. It can also serve as a small blanket when you are travelling. IMG_4661
  9. SOCKS – you also need to protect your feet since this is your number one weapon in travelling to different places. Make sure to buy winter socks, that is not so thick but can keep your feet warm. You can but long socks made of wool thru online shopping – Shoppee and Lazada.
  10. SHOES/BOOTS – walking around the snow or even during cold season is slippery and even with your wool socks your feet can be as cold as ice so you need to invest on Winter Shoes or Boots. For us we only bought our pair of boots in Shoppee it was delivered from Shenzhen and is very cheap. Although its cheap it still serve its purpose, it protects our feet from coldness and help us not to slip on any road we walked through.
  11. FACE MASK –  it is very important to bring a face mask during Winter season. We weren’t able to bring ours so we need to buy in the convenience store on our first day. It feels like its harder to breath with the cold wind on your face, nose and mouth. It will also protect your face and lips from drying. img_4213.jpeg
  12. EAR FLAPS –  If your Hats don’t cover your ears well you need to bring ear flaps to make sure your ears are protected from frostbite.
  13. SUNGLASSES – winter season doesn’t mean there is no sunlight that can affect your eyes. So bring your comfortable Sunglasses. IMG_4899


 What to Prepare for your first Winter Vacation Part 2. 


Blooming with Funtastic Deals – Klook Travel Fest Blossom Deals

We have been using Klook since 2015 even before they started their office in the Philippines. As a frequent DIY Traveler, Klook has been our go to app/site when we are looking for different activities to different countries we want to visit. They have variety of activities to choose from, from theme parks, tours, dine in experience, transportation up to WIFI connectivity and sim cards with huge discounts.

This weekend (March 9&10, 2019) Klook held their 2nd Travel Fest in Manila at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura in Taguig.The first one was back in September 29 & 30, 2018 which we also attended. Since it is Cherry Blossom season the theme and title of Klook’s travel fest is Klook Travel Fest Blossom Deals.

If you follow them in Facebook and Instagram you will see their invites a month or even earlier about this event, the tickets are free, you just need to book yours from their app. If you are one of the early birds in booking the tickets, they are giving away a loot bag, I am not that lucky this time but during the first Travel Fest I am lucky to get 4 loot bags for my whole family which has a universal adaptor, bottled water and other stuffs

The Travel Fest’s gate officially opens at 11:00AM but if your are a BDO card holder or PLDT Fiber subscriber you will have an early access, you may enter as early as 9AM. Based on our experience on the first travel fest you do not need to be that early so we only planned to be there at 11AM, however, Klook posted the itinerary of events for the day and it was announced that the Ocean Park HK tickets Buy1Take1 promo will be released at 10am -11am only and is exclusive for BDO card holders. Luckily my travel buddy – Homer is a BDO card holder and we were able to score this great deal for our upcoming Hongkong trip this June.

Entering the Fest venue is easy, there are a lot of Klook employees who will assist you, just show them your tickets from your app and you are good to go. Upon entering the venue, you will feel the ambiance of the Cherry Blossom, you will see cherry blossom trees, flowers and almost everything is pink.

They have different booths for the 4 countries that were on sale (activities are on sale) these are Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Each booth has games and other activities like travel planning, wearing of national dress and photo op on your favorite tourists spots.

We tried some games in Taiwan area which is a giant pick up sticks, unfortunately we weren’t able to win any prizes. We also played a game which I think is the best game that we had in Klook Travel Fest, it is similar to Eat Bulaga or other noon time show games wherein you need to go inside a glass room, then there are papers that will be blown by a blower and you need to get as much as you can, after that all the papers with Klook written on it will be counted, if you got 10-19 pcs you will get 250 travel voucher and 20 above will be 500 vouchers. Homer scored 18 and I got 10 so we both received a 250 voucher from Klook that we can use on our next booking.

Aside from the booths of 4 countries I mentioned, they also have GetGo where you can apply for the GetGo prepaid card which we did, you only need to pay for 150.00 pesos and 100.00 pesos load for activation. They also have Shopback which is already part of my travel and online shopping app, American Tourister Luggage which is giving huge discounts and Sweet Escape for Photography.

Klook also invited a great host for that day – Joyce Pring and several speakers to give some insights on how to travel one of them is the Agoncillo family, Richard Juan and writers of Where to Next.

They unveil different promo codes. After the the Buy1Take1 code for Ocean Park, they also have 50% off to HK Big Bus Tour, Lotte World and Taipei 101, Buy2Get1 promo for Universal Studios Japan, 50% off for Nami Island Tour, HK Disneyland, N Seoul Tower and 3 Day THSR and a lot more. We scored another deal with HK Disneyland. It was a productive and fun Saturday with Klook.

On the 2nd Day, I visited the Fest once again with my kids and husband. We only plan to take some photos since we are also in the area. We end up playing the game which is similar to the noon time shows and we scored more and were able to take home 2 500 Travel Vouchers.

IMG_6520It’s a Funtastic weekend that we had attending the Klook’s Travel Fest. We surely love Klook and will continue to Book it! Klook it! for all our next travel adventures! Thank you Klook!




Quick Trip to see the City of Pines!

IMG_6110It’s been years since we last visited Baguio City, most of the comments that we saw in blog posts and heard from our friends is that Baguio City is almost like Manila in terms of traffic which is the reason why we don’t visit this place often.February is peak season for tourists in Baguio City because they are celebrating the Panagbenga Festival or Flower festival. Most of the hotels are fully booked and you will see a lot of tourists everywhere. For our family we wanted a chillax ( chill and relax) vacation. So we skipped most of the tourist destinations in Baguio and just hand picked those that is accessible without being caught in heavy traffic.

We made a stopped at Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan to attend a mass, back in 2013 we also stopped by in this Church for the car blessing of my in-laws’ van that they recently bought. The place is still crowded with a lot of cars lined up for car blessing and people who wants to hear the mass although its a Saturday morning. After the mass and lighting of candles, we went on and have a our brunch at a nearby restaurant.

From Manaoag Church it took us about 3 hours to reach Baguio City. We planned to take some photos at the Lion’s Head which is a landmark that you are heading to Baguio City from Kennon Road, however there are a lot of tourists and cars on that area so we just stopped by at the viewing deck.

Our next stopped is Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. It was almost 12 noon when we reach the farm. They have designated parking area for the tourists. A lot of people are selling different goods like Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Taho, vegetables and other pasalubong.

Our main purpose in visiting this farm is to pick strawberries and buy vegetables like lettuce, Broccoli and cauliflower which is way cheaper compared to Manila prices.

Strawberry Picking will cost 500 pesos for 1 kilo of Strawberry you picked. I think its worth it since we enjoyed the experience and also have fresh strawberries with us to take home. We also picked different types of Lettuce like Ice Berg Lettuce and Red Ice Berg Lettuce which cost us 50 pesos for 3 bundles/pack and Romain Lettuce which cost us 100 for 3 bundles/pack. We were able to picked Broccolis as well which cost us 100 pesos for 2pcs no matter how big it is.

After buying the Veggies we went straight to our hotel since we are already tired from the long drive and we do not have any sleep since we went to this trip straight from our work. We booked our hotel via Traveloka/Shopback, we are staying at Le Monet Hotel inside Camp John Hay. Camp John Hay is once a US Military Base during the Philippine – American War, now it is one of the tourist spots in Baguio. It has various activities in the area and forest watershed reservation.

Le Monet is a 4 star hotel, it is smaller that what I expected from the pictures and quite old already though I am not sure what year it opened. The lobby is nice with huge chandelier. Upon entering the hotel you will directly see the buffet area unlike other hotels where you can see the reception area at the entrance. When you turn to your right you will find the reception area for check in and check out. The staffs are helpful and the check in is very quick, they also assisted us in bring our baggage in our rooms.

The room seems fine although it doesn’t have an aircon, one of our companions asked about the aircon but they said that you need to pay for an additional 500 pesos to used an aircon (bummer!). We already paid for the room why can’t we use the aircon? This is the first time that I encounter this kind of hotel, I’ve been to different hotels in Manila and other countries but this is the only hotel where you cannot use the aircon in your room.

Beside the hotel is a Filling Station, where you can buy foods of your choices. We had our quick lunch in this place before sleeping. While my hubby and I slept, my kids together with their aunt went to the swimming pool to swim and play with their cousins. The pool area is small and covered but according to my kids it is still very cold so they do not last long in the water and just decided to play board games in the room.

At 8PM we went out to have our Family dinner at Vincent’s Place. It was a Cozy Restaurant with an acoustic singer. We waited for about 30 minutes before we got a table, we understand that since we are a big group, but prior to that they already took our orders so when we were seated the food are all ready.

The price in this restaurant is not expensive, more of a mid range in terms of pricing but the serving is huge. The food are all delicious and we are satisfied with the taste.

We had a lot of take away since we did not expect that the serving of each food is big. We also loved the acoustic singer because he has a great voice.

In the morning, we went out at around 6AM to explore Camp John Hay. We walk around and saw the different activities here although the opening time is at 9AM. We saw the Tree Top Adventure, Bell House, Forest Trail, Mini Golf, Go Cart and Bike rentals. We took photos as we explore the area.

We went back after an hour and visited the Le Monet garden. It is a small garden but looks serene and beautiful. It also has a place for bonfire.

IMG_6225After strolling around we went back to the hotel and decided to change our clothes before having our breakfast. The breakfast in the hotel is at the first floor/lobby area. Our booking includes 2 free breakfast for adults and we need to pay 325 pesos for each kid. There aren’t that many choices for the breakfast, they have the usual longganisa, tocino, beef, fried rice and danggit. They have few fruits and vegetable salad too. For the drinks you can ask for coffee or hot chocolate.

Once we filled our bellies, I went to the front desk and ask if we can reserve for the free shuttle tour that the hotel offers for the guests. Luckily, they still have slots for us. The shuttle left at 10am for a quick 30 minute tour within Camp John Hay. It was great to see the whole place.

One more disappointment in our hotel room is that there are no water in shower when we returned and we cannot take a bath to prepare for our check out. We called the front desk, after about 30 minutes the water is back.We were able to check out on time which is at 12noon. The check out is also old school where they still need to check your rooms if you consume anything from the snack bar before they let you go. They do not have a quick check out unlike other modern hotels.

Before going to Manila, we made two more stops in Baguio. First is at Starbucks in Camp John Hay and second is to take photos at “The Mansion”. After that we hit the round and went back to Manila which took us about 5 hours.

Till our next family adventure 🙂