What to do when you Lost your Passport while Travelling?

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IMG_9344Travelling is so much fun specially when you travel with your friends and love ones. You get to visit other places and create new memories and experiences. But all this excitement and fun will all be wash away if your most important travel document is lost… your PASSPORT.

I recently traveled with my friends in Macau and Hong Kong last June 4, 2019, although its my 4th time visiting this country I still feel ecstatic to be travelling with my friends. We landed at Macau International Airport about 10:00 PM of June 4. When we are in the taxi on our way to our Hotel – Holiday InnΒ I noticed that I do not have my travel planner with me and inside that is my passport, my old passport with my US Visa and my company ID. I want to freak out and ask the taxi driver to go back to the airport but I do not want to give any hassle to my friends, so I calm my self and think how to resolve my issue.

We reach our hotel and I already informed my friends about my missing passport. I decided to have them checked in to the room first before I start searching my passport, and since the hotel reservation is under my name I cannot leave them yet. I also asked the concierge of the hotel to help me out in calling the airport and file a report. According to the hotel staff I need to go back to the airport and file the report myself but they already alerted the airport about my missing document.

Here are the things you need to remember when you lost your passport:

  1. Make sure that you have a photo or scanned copy of your passport and other important document before traveling and save it to your phone for easy access.
  2. When you notice that your passport is missing DO NOT PANIC... try to calm yourself so you can think clearly.
  3. If you are in a hotel, ask for the help of your hotel management to contact necessary authorities to file a report or at least alert/inform the authorities about what happened.
  4. Check your travel insurance if it covers lost travel documents and what are the documents needed and who to contact to file a claim. (This is the reason why travel insurance is a travel essential.)
  5. File a police report.
  6. The police won’t file the missing passport immediately they will help you scan the area where you pass by to check if you can find your passport. So you need to have a clear mind in remembering where and when you last saw or used your passport.
  7. You need to have extra IDs to show to the police, they need that to file the police report.
  8. Once the police report is done you need to go to the immigration office of the country you are in, in my case I have to go to Macau’s Immigration office. You need to show them the police report and they will give you a temporary pass/travel document to make your stay legal.
  9. Next, you need to go to Philippine Embassy to file the missing passport and request for a temporary travel document so you can travel back to Philippines.

I weren’t able to experience the #8 and #9 on this steps because I already found my passport when I checked our pushcart that we left near the shuttle bus parking area. That is why you need to have a clear mind to remember all the steps you take before loosing your document.

It is a new experience for me and I gained a lot of learning. I hope you don’t need to face this situation on your next trip any way who wants to ruin their happy trip with a lost passport? But this tips will surely help you when unfortunate events like this arise.


5 days 4 nights Hong Kong and Macau DIY Itinerary – for less than 14k

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img_8313.jpgIt’s my fourth time visiting Hong Kong and 2nd time in Macau and with those visits I learned a lot of things on how to make the most of your days and time in Hong Kong and Macau. Here’s the itinerary that we used during our travel last June 4-8.

IMG_8207Day 1 – Travel from Manila to Macau


  • 2,000 pesos/ head good for quadruple sharing with breakfast buffet, welcome drinks and free shuttle.
  • Β 899 pesos/head – Airfare – Cebu Pacific


IMG_8381Day 2 – Macau – HKZMB – Hong Kong


  • 69 HKD or 414 pesos for HKZMB bus fare,
  • 2500 pesos/person airbnb for 4 days and 3 nights.
  • 1,050 pesos/person MTR tickets unlimited rides for 3 days and 1 way Airport Express bought from klook using a discount coupon worth 250 pesos.

IMG_8881Day 3 – Free Attractions (parks and garden) and Disneyland


  • 3056 pesos/person Disneyland TicketΒ  bought during Klook Travel Fest includes 1 day park entry and 1 food voucher (lunch or dinner worth 149 HKD).

Day 4 – Ngong Ping, Ocean Park and Shopping

  • (Morning) Ngong Ping 360
  • ( Afternoon) Ocean Park
  • (Night) Temple street Night Market

Expenses :

  • 1,266 pesos Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin Return Tickets – bought via Klook App using a coupon discount worth 250 pesos.
  • 1,300 pesos Ocean Park TicketΒ  bought during Klook Travel Fest Klook Travel Fest Buy Take 1 promo.

Day 5 – HK – Manila


  • 1399 pesos/head – Airfare via Cebu Pacific HK – Manila

Total Expenses: 13,884 pesos per head, it does not include your food allowance and shopping pocket money but you got to visit all the top attraction in Hong Kong.

Note: We weren’t able to visit The Peak because the Tram is under maintenance.



Tourist Spots in Hong Kong for Free!

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img_8466.jpgThey say Hong Kong is an expensive destination since you need to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland plus the hotels are pricey too. But little did you know that there are a lot of attractions that you can visit without shedding your precious HKD allowance. See full story here:


HZMB – The Longest Sea Crossing and Open – Sea Fixed Link on Earth

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IMG_8861HZMB is the longest Bridge and open- sea fixed Link on Earth. It was constructed in December 2009 and had its inauguration in October 23,2018 and finally opened its service on October,2019. It is about 55 km that connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. The travel time to cross this bridge is about 45 minutes. See full story here…

A Blast from the Past – Tulabs at Las Casas

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IMG_7131After my son’s graduation, we decided to spend an out of town getaway in Bataan. We wanted to have a unique stay in a good resort so we decided to travel to Bagac, Bataan to visit and spend a night at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. My company had our Team Building in this place last 2018 and I luckily won a overnight stay during our Christmas Party. See full story here: